Mrs Santa Claus | BLOGMAS DAY 21

~ Mrs Santa Claus ~

So here we are, what is most probably the last outfit post of Blogmas 2016.. can I just ask: how the hell has this gone so fast, time really does fly doesn't it?! Anyway, for this post lets rewind back to Saturday (well, I also got wear out of this entire outfit Sunday too haha!), I went out for a Christmassy day with friends and family  and thought I would bring out my Mrs Claus style dress once more. You have to admit with this dress, it really screams Christmas, I'm not sure if its the pattern, the colours or the style.. it just has that festive vibe. In fact, this was last years Christmas day dress, but as with everything - clothes lose value in the wardrobe so this dress as been demoted down to a casual everyday dress..!

As Saturday was a very casual affair, I dressed down my Zara dress and went for the wholly tights get-up. On my feet, I (yet again) wore my, by now, well loved ASOS shoes; I really have yet to find an outfit these don't go with! With that, my faux fur coat came out, Its seriously so so warm and really took the chill off when the inevitable wind pierced through my tights - wasn't a great idea wearing a dress really, oh well. Altogether, I had a lovely day out and felt Christmassy with it. Despite this year seeming so underwhelming, with most a bit in denial Christmas has crept up so quickly; I'm starting to get in the festive swing - how many days is it now,  4 days to go?! 


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