Oh How Preppy.. | BLOGMAS DAY 14

[Jumper: Matalan | Shorts: Zara | Tights John Lewis | Shoes: ASOS]
~ Oh How Preppy .. ~

So as I mentioned yesterday, my hair colour seems to jumping from one colour to the other.. today we are back to the present day.. pink! Over the weekend I dressed in, what I call 'comfy but made an effort' I've found recently, with my hair being the colour it is (which, tbh I'm not sure what you'd call it!) I have to make sure I dress around it. When I popped into Matalan last week and found this uh-mazing burnt orange jumper, it wasn't until I got home I thought to myself 'wait, will it clash with my hair?!' Thankfully, all my worries were cast aside because it looked fiiiiiine, thank god!  
Recently, because it hasn't been ~too~ cold, wearing tights that aren't thick and wholly seems to be working well. I do sometimes think the whole 'shorts and tights' trend died out in 2010 and I shouldn't keep going back to it. But for me, its such an easy outfit, plus why should I have to only wear my summer shorts in summer - I'm getting my monies worth wearing them all year round, this way haha! For finishing off this outfit, I paired everything with my ASOS shoes which I feel I've mentioned way too many times already, but hey I like them, so here's mention number 1028!!
Altogether I really loved this outfit I put together, I'm not sure I'm using the word 'preppy' correctly when describing this, but whatever you call it, I love it!


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