Oh Yeah, About My Hair.. | BLOGMAS DAY 3

 [Dress: Zara | Coat: Marks & Spencer (similar) | Tights: John Lewis | Boots: Monsoon (similar)

~ Oh Yeah, About My Hair.. ~

Hello, everyone; its Day 3! As I shot these outfit photos last week it downed on me, I've had my hair this reddy/ pink colour for about three weeks now AND I HAVEN'T BLOGGED ABOUT IT. Oh how dare I?! In all seriousness though, I originally dyed it a couple of weeks ago expecting a dark red colour, which it was, but then three hair washes later, bam its this weird pinkish colour.. oh well I actually kinda like it, its different for me and kind of festive, so I'm keeping it until at least the New Year! - Besides, its pretty god job I like my hair because my mum said to me the other night that it 'looked like a hippies or something..' - Its a good job I'm not self-conscious about it HAHA (thanx mum, love ya oxo hahaha)

Anyway, now I've explained my current hair situation, lets have a little chat about my outfit. The Coat I've already gushed about a couple a'posts back, so that needs so more introduction. Anyway, what's more Christmassy than a red coat.. well not much really is there, so if this makes a few more appearances during blogmas, I make no apologies for! The dress on the other hand, this is new. Looking back as these photos, I'm actually a bit gutted I didn't push my hair back a little bit so to show the rose embroidery  (you get a glimpse of it on the shoulder in a few of these photos!) because it actually goes all the way around the neck as well.. damn, note to self: tuck hair behind ears in future.    As this dress is quite dark and the fact its now -5 most days, woolly tights are all I can wear - for me I absolutely love the dress/ tights/ boots combo, so this is a look into what's to come from my blogmas outfit posts!

Anyway, I hope you've all had a good week and enjoy you're weekend.. Happy Saturday!


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