Round-up #3 | BLOGMAS DAY 18


Astonishingly, this is the THIRD week I have completed Blogmas... THE THIRD WEEK?! I'm so amazed how I've managed this, like seriously how? Anyway, yet again I've managed to squeeze in 6 blog posts, ranging from beauty to fashion to Christmas drinks.. its been another great week; let's recap properly shall we!
I started the week with what probably is my favourite post, in 'Fizz or No Fizz?' I shared two drinks recipes I'd found on the 'net and produced the best photos ever (possibly) on my blog - it's OK to be proud of your self sometimes isn't it?! I followed this with a little makeup look I always seem to turn to in these festive months. In 'A Festive Makeup Look' I channelled the gold-eye-berry-red-lip look and ~hoped~ I managed to pull it off!
The next few days consisted of an outfit post and a Christmassy edition of what I wear on my nails and lips. In 'Oh How Preppy...' I put together an outfit of orange and grey.. with me hoping the jumper didn't clash with my hair! Next, in 'Festive Edition: On The Lips & Nails' I showed you what I've been baring on the lips and nails, with a dark berry purple lip and mauve/ glitter nails.
To conclude this week, I spoke briefly in 'Christmas Jumper Day' about the fact.. well it was Christmas jumper day and showed some of my favourite jumper picks. Yesterdays post was a small 'Christmassy Instagram Update' were I showed what I've snapped in the past weeks, with a mix of these very Blogmas photos to little snippets in between..

So there we go, an end to another successful week.. I know I said it a second ago but I'm seriously so surprised I've managed to keep Blogmas up.. now let's get this final week completed and then I can give myself a pat on the back (and a MASSIVE glass of rosé, of course)

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