Snippets of My Day | BLOGMAS DAY 8

~ Snippets.. ~

Today I thought I'd show you some snippets of my day, well not today but Monday. Me, my mum and grandma took a little trip to a little place about 20 minutes from where I live - Conwy. Its a cute like town full of little cobbled streets and independent shops/ cafes = basically my idea of heaven HAHA... you think I'm joking (I'm secretly 20 going on 80!) Anyway, I booked the day off work, so I could enjoy a well deserved day off. To be honest, it was just what I needed as I got a lie-in, got to watch Holly & Phil on This Morning, had amazing lunch and (as cliché as it sounds) some quality time with my mum and grandma.. For the first time in a long time I had that feel of pure content, it was a lovely feeling indeed...

As we walked around after lunch, I took some quick snaps on my IPhone, which I have to admit has an amazing camera to think its only the 6s; its not sublime but it very much does the trick!
 Whilst having a gander, we took in all the Christmassy sights as well as spotting thee cutest mint green door with a Christmas wreath on.. there's me thinking sights like this can only be seen in London - low and behold we have those sights in North Wales!! As you can see above, we walked around the castle walls, which wasn't as long as it sounds because Conwy only has a small castle - yes I know, Wales has a lot of castles! Anyway, these are some cute little snippets of my leisurely/ family day out, to be honest I wish we did this more often, but life gets bust sometimes doesn't it.. I'm all for a relaxing day out, especially if my mum is driving!



  1. This is so cute! I currently have the 5S but I'm hoping to upgrade to the 7 soon and honestly that camera upgrade can't come quick enough! It's just so much more convenient isn't it?! xxx

    1. Before I got the 6s I had a three year old Samsung and it was such a pain with how crap the camera was - I feel your pain!! The 7 looks amazing, like loads of other camera settings the 6s doesn't! xxx