STYLE: The Coat Collection | BLOGMAS DAY 9

~ STYLE: The Coat Collection ~

Now using the word collection is to show every single pieces of clothing of that type. That is something I'm not going to do today, but rather show you five coats I seem to always reach for over the winter period. I'll admit, I haven't bought a brand new one for this winter - so I will ~attempt~ to link any similar coats/ similar styles. These five are a mix of warm and cosy, bold and bright, as well as one you can see a mile off.. they're always the best ones aren't they. Anyway, if you like a little glimpse into my coats of choice, keep reading.. even if you have seen these coats on more than one occasion on this little blog..

THE RED COAT (similar)
This first coat can clearly be seen in one of my first Blogmas posts this year, its a post box red duffle style coat from Marks & Spencer and is officially serving as my 2016 Christmas coat. Because of its colour, it instantly draws your eyes to it - being red its obvious as Christmassy as it could be! I must admit, as its a 12 it is a little big, but not so much that I notice. What I do seem to point out when its on is the fact it has no zip - the 3 toggles on the front close up and that's it, so it does tend to undo easily. Ahh well, for such a beautiful coat I really could not care!

THE BROWN COAT (similar)
The last time I featured this coat was way back in April.. I actually received it as a Birthday present ( I think!) about 2 years ago and its literally the most versatile coat I own. Because its a light brown/ tan colour there isn't much it doesn't work with. Its very warm and quite smart I think -
I've worn it to be casual as well as chucking it on to spruce up an outfit.. a coat like this is always a must in anyone's wardrobe; agreed?

THE NAVY COAT (similar)
Let's rewind back to Tuesday (not so long ago this time!) were I showed you all this well well loved coat. Now this is a little gem from so long ago I couldn't even guess when I first bought it.. it'd say probably 4 years ago but to be honest it's possible it's more. Navy is another colour that's so extremely versatile there isn't many items I can't wear it with.. besides I've never seen the crime in mixing navy and black, some may hate the combination, some people (like me) love it! The military style of this coat makes it a season favourite, with the material being very thick, its warm as well.. bonus!

THE FURRY COAT (similar)
Now around a year ago, on this blog I showed you my Christmas party dress of that time (the latest instalment of this is coming soon!) and with it I showed you this coat. It's thee warmest coat (ok soz I keep describing my coats a warm hahaha) and the faux fur, to me, is a timeless trend. I 100% do not agree with real fur being sold in fashion, but love the look of faux fur. As this is a panelled coat, it jazzes it up a bit - the mix of beige/ cream and brown looks so lovely. This coat I class as my fancy coat as I don't seem to think I can get away with faux fur in a casual scene.. its had its fair share of outings in the past few years I've owned it and I shall carry on for the foreseeable future wrapping up warm in it! 

Aaaaaand the final coat. A Zara patterned beauty my Nain (grandma) bought me for Christmas 2 years ago (I would say she has good taste, but she gave me the money and I went out and bought it haha) This coat is a bit of a cape style one, its very floaty despite it being in extremely thick material. It doesn't have any fastenings on the front and the sleeves are very loose too. But despite not being the most practical of coats (especially in the wind!) the pattern just gives me heart eyes eeeeeverytime. Its unlike any coat I own and I well and truly love love love it.. possible my favourite, hmmm??



  1. God I envy your coat collection, it's seriously something I'm lacking! Great post as always lovely xxx

    1. Oh way staaaaaapid you!! Thank you, having lots of coats is probably the only sensible things I have in my wardrobe! Hahaha xxx