The Book List 2016 | BLOGMAS DAY 10

~The Book List 2016 ~

Wow, this year I hadn't realised how many books I'd managed to get through; 7 is pretty good for me to be perfectly honest. I'm not the quickest of readers and tend to go through fazes of reading every night before bed, then not touch a book for about 3 weeks.. but despite this I worked my way through enough to create a 'Book List of 2016' -YAY! At a quick glimpse, you can tell my taste in books steers towards the rom-com, light reading.. I never like the heavy stuff! Anyway, here's this years crop of books I've work through when I've been on a sunny beach, when I've been tucked up in bed and even when I've just had a lazy Sunday sitting in my conservatory..

Nick Frost ~ Truths, Half Truths and Little White Lies
The first book I'll chat a little about is an autobiography by Nick Frost. Being a huge fan of Shaun of the Dead amongst other great works, I was extremely excited to read this. He discusses a lot of his life before fame, for majority of the book if I remember rightly, which although I was slightly disappointed with - wanting more of the behind the scenes chat about his great films. I still found it all extremely interesting. There are some heavy topics, but despite this, I found it to be an incredibly charming read!

Lena Dunham ~ Not That Kind Of Girl
Right so, as I've tried to link up my review of this book, I've realised I've got my years wrong.. I actually read this when I was on holiday last year not this year, lol. Anyway, I might as well tell you a bit about it since I've taken a photo of it now haha. This is a book all about Lena Dunham herself, her life growing up, the lessons she's learn etc. etc. It was actually quite an eye opener from what I can remember, because she really has lived a wild life.. especially when I revaluate mine - It made me realise I really need to live (and learn) a bit in life. This books definitely worth a read!

Jennifer Niven ~ All The Bright Places
Now here is a book that is unlike any book I can remember reading. It revolves around the topic of mental illness, depression amongst others. Set in America, the two main characters develop a great friendship from one saving the other from death. It really gave me an insight in what can possible be going though people's mind when they are feeling so low. Its so upsetting but the most interesting story emerges. I really would recommend this book, you'll laugh, cry and cry-laugh from start to finish.. so so good, I actually feel like re-reading it.

Jojo Moyes ~ After You..
This book seems extremely relevant to mention as Me Before You (the first instalment) has recently been adapted to film. Well, I've done things completely opposite and read this book first.. the second instalment haha. Anyway, as I hadn't read the first I had a bit of 'aah shit' moment before reading but to be perfectly honest it didn't effect the story as all. You're soon caught up within the first few chapters and I that 'aah shit'-ness soon disappeared. The story follows a young women who is recovering from tragedy, she discovers a huge secret from her late partner and so the story progresses in discovering this now, uncovered secret. I have to admit (I think I mentioned this whnen I first reviewed it) I actually don't feel much really happened in the book. Don't get me wrong, I still read it all, but I didn't really feel gripped, I don't know whether I was missing out on something, but I really wasn't enticed - oh well, you win some you lose some!
This book was actually an Instagram purchase. Someone (who I really cannot remember who now!) posted a lovely photo of the book, you know the ones.. beautiful lighting, a white blanket and the book in full display.. yeah Instagram is bad outlet, my bank card can't handle it. Anyway, the book. Drew Barrymore write's little snippets of her life, jumping from one end to the other, with 3/4 pages each... my perfect kind of book (long chapters will be the death of me!) The book actually reminded me of blog writing. It felt real and she's types each sentence straight from her brain, not much editing, lots of exclamation marks and funny anecdotes. Even if you don't like Drew Barrymore, this is really worth the read.

Here's a little surprise book purchase that I didn't expect much from, it was literally about £5 from The Works and it turned out to be a really really good book. It starts off with a newly divorced women who's friends decide, as she has just turned thirty, she needs to create a list of 10 'buck list' activities.. as so as the book progresses, not only is she attempting to complete the list, she moves in with lovely man.. ok I'm making it sound like a lovey-dovey love story; but really, its such a lovely story that pans out. Although probably not gripping for anyone who loves action, I found it to be a page turner because I loved the characters so much. Once again, a light hearted read, but truly lovely.

Helen Warner ~ RSVP
 Now, this is the final book on the list and to be perfectly honest one I have not quite finished yet.. but I felt I should feature it. So far I'm finding it to be an incredibly light read but I'm very interested by the story. It follow four girls and as the title suggests, surround a wedding.. 1 women is the Bride, 1 is the Ex, 1 is the girl in love with groom and the other is the Ex's best friend... that's as far as I've worked out so far haha.. we'll wait and see. I'm about a third of the way through, so no much of a storyline has form completely but the style of the book is very much to my liking.. let's see what happens, eh!



  1. Ooh the last one sound so good! Love a good juicy romance HAHA xxx

    1. Its seems to be good so far!! I love juicy romance books too!! xx

  2. I love All The Bright Places, it had me hooked from start to finish. I definitely want to read the other books on the list xx