The Candles for Christmas | BLOGMAS DAY 2

~ The Candles for Christmas ~

I'm a candle girl, I love candles ANY time of the year; whether that be them burning bright on a summers evening or burning ten thousand on a cold winters night.. in my house there's always a candle burning! As we are now on Day 2 of Blogmas (its going well so far haha) I thought I would show you my three candle picks for if you want a Splurge in Space NK, a deluxe but won't break the bank treat or a cheap spend.. These three candles are the ones (I think) you should take note of. I will tell you now I'm not thee best at describing smells.. but really, who is?! I'll give it my best shot..!

The Splurge ~ Diptyque 'Tubereuse'
Does the word splurge really cut it when you're in Covent Garden, you wonder into Space NK and come out with your bank account £55 lighter because of a CANDLE. Yeah, splurge really is just about the right word! I have to say, I can be savvy with my money but sometimes there are items in life that are worth it.. and they have Diptyque written all over them. The candle is said to be 'the fragrance of these heady flowers intoxicates, captivates, and beguiles' - If I'm being honest, a floral scent is not my first thought, it indeed has a very strong sent - when its burning even for a few minute, the scent fills the room. But, I'd say its more sweet, it has a rich sweet smell with the faint smell of roses. Whilst its burning, it is recommended to burnt for at least a couple of hours, as then it burns down evenly down the glass pot. Its true, now I have experienced a luxury candle, I've become somewhat of a candle snob.. those cheap ones just don't burn the same.. oh god, I'm not rich enough to become this much of a candle snob, its a slippery slop!

The Mid-Range ~ The White Company 'Winter'
Now, if ever someone asked me, 'Lisa, describe what Christmas smells like to you' -THIS is what I would tell them, its a mix of cinnamon/ spices, burnt wood and generally that Christmassy cosy smell. The fact its name is 'Winter' couldn't really be more appropriate. If I'm right, this candle has become quite a staple for The White Company, with it seeming to spring back on the shelves as soon as there's even the *slight* mention of the C-word - (is it just me, or is the Christmas hype starting earlier and earlier every year.. trust me though, I ain't complaining!) Its such a simple candle, it price tag being not too bad either, I managed to snap this up with a 20% off too a couple of weeks ago, so really was a good bye. As with the Diptyque candle, this also has that luxury feel to it, it burns the same way as the Tubereuse, give it a couple of hours and the whole top layer burns equally, making it hopefully a clean glass jar once finished.. See what I mean, this candle snobbery is just not right haha..  

The Cheap ~ Baylis & Harding 'The Fuzzy Duck'
Finally, is the cheaper option; a candle hidden amongst the Baylis & Harding gift sets and bubble baths, priced at just £7.99 it really is a bargain. Its scent is describe on the jar as 'Black Pepper, Sage & Moss'; which to be perfectly honest, I can't really smell at all! This not saying its a horrible scent, quite the opposite but I'd say its more of a masculine smell.. it reminds me of a men's aftershave for some reason, that clean scent. The only thing with this candle is, my candle snobbery mind can tell its a little cheaper as it doesn't seem to burn as well. The scent doesn't carry around the room  and even after a few hours burning, it doesn't evenly burn across the top of the jar... its a shame really because it smells so lovely and looks so luxe. Oh well, I'm still happily burning it in my bedroom, just don't expect too much from this recommendation!


  1. That Diptyque candle is making me swoon!! It's so beautiful! xxx

    1. Its so beautiful and smells AMAZING, I have to say I know it was expensive but its so worth it! xxx