The Christmas Party Dress 2016 | BLOGMAS DAY 20

~ The Christmas Party Dress 2016 ~
 Ah finally, an occasion to dress up all fancy - doesn't come around as often I wished to be honest! Well, my wish has been granted because come 2pm tomorrow, I shall be donning my finest dress (well this uh-mazing ASOS number), putting on my beautiful velvet heels and waltzing into my office Christmas Party.. Well, we're going to a really nice pub for a three course meals and then having lots of drinks until late - ITS STILL ENOUGH OF AN OCCASION TO DRESS UP THOUGHIts true though, getting all dressed up and actually having an event doesn't happen too often really does it, if I had an excuse to wear a dress and heels every weekend, I so would take up the offer and be all fabulous. But there we go, eh can't have everything...

For this years festivities I went full on ASOS mad, well both my dress and shoes were from there anyway. Oh the joys of having a 10% student discount.. I may only have saved about £10 but its better than nothing haha. To be honest I'd seen these red velvet heels quite a while ago and absolutely feel in love.. just LOOK at them. They are just that ~little~ too high though and seriously kill the pads of my feet after a little while - but I'm living with the fact that I'll be sat down for most of the night, so let's call them restaurant heels (I've heard that's a thing rich people have, because their heels are so high, they only wear them if they're sitting down.. HAHA I think that's the term that's used!!) Moving on to the dress; I went extremely simple this year.. well for me anyway. I usually like colour, lots and lots of colour. Never do I vouch for the darker end of the spectrum. But, as I'd had my heart set on the red heels, I had to work around them.. so a black flowy dress it was! I got this ASOS dress from the tall section, because being 5ft 9ish, I always run risk of having a dress being on the borderline of exposing eeeverything if I go for any kind of dress. So, as this was quite long anyway, it being in a tall just makes it that bit longer for it to look more fitted on me. To finish off my look, I'll probably put on my trench coat and a dig out one of my many bags I already own. 

voila - there's my party dress!