Week 1 Round-up | BLOGMAS DAY 4

 SO YAY, I completed my first week of Blogmas! Ok, yes it may have only been 4 days but its a positive start haha. This may be a very short Round-up as really, there's only really been two proper blog posts - The first blog posts being aaaall about my pick of 'Candles for Christmas', I actually got a few tweets on twitter saying that they didn't need anymore temptation to buy more candles which made me laugh haha, glad to know there are likeminded people out there like me who cannot resist a good candle at Christmas time!
My post yesterday was all about my newest outfit in the wardrobe and the minor detail of a hair colour change. In 'Oh Yeah, About My Hair' I finally showed off my new reddish colour, I'll admit it has faded drastically from when I first dyed it a few weeks back, but I'm kinda liking it!

Anyway, for the first time since I properly starting blogging, I've managed to get 4 posts in a row up - pretty happy with myself to be honest. The real test will be this week.. place your bets now, will I go the whole hog and complete a whole 7 days worth of post? Find out next time on Blog Eighteen.. (the temptation to sign off with 'You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl - is too much right now HAHA)


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