Wrapping Up Warm | BLOGMAS DAY 6

[Coat: Next (similar) | Scarf: Next (similar) | Top: Zara | Trousers: Alexa Chung for M&S |
Shoes: M&S | Bag: Zara (similar)]

 ~ Wrapping up Warm ~
As the temperature plummets by the day (what's this of a big freeze coming up?!) its important to wrap up warm kids... She's says as she shows you an outfit wearing teeny-weeny dolly shoes, god one Lisa. Anyway, despite my choice of footwear that day, I quite liked my outfit so why not show you all.. that's what this whole blogging/ blogmas thing is all about isn't it? I have to be honest before I go any further. I hadn't notice the MASSIVE stain I had on the front of this coat before I took the photos. It wasn't until I started editing them that I realised how messy I really am. oops.

Anyway here's my second outfit of Blogmas to show you all. Up to now, all my posts have been very red and festive - with all the traditions. This on the other had is more of the jack frost look, all very icy (and that's not just my feet after wearing these shoes!) That's the thing with me, I never feel I'm always fully ready for each season. I never seem to have enough winter boots in winter - then when it comes to summer, I can never find the right 'light jacket'; I may just be me being unorganised.. probably. For this ensemble (let's call it that) I decided to do that fashion blogger thing that everyone on Pinterest or Instagram can get away with, with perfect grace and tuck my hair into my scarf. I'm not to sure I fully got away with it here, my head is just that bit too big HAHA! Anyway, I tucked it in like so and before I knew it, a massive mat had form in the back... now that ain't to Instagram is it!



  1. Your hair looks so nice with these blues! I'm still getting used to you with red hair but I honestly love it so much! xxx

    1. Aw thank you so much, lovely! Because my hairs fading out the red every time I wash it, it seems to be changing colour ever week HAHA! Xxx