Learning to Love Your Own Company

~ Learning to Love Your Own Company ~
I'm a girl who loves her own company. Of course, there's nothing better sometimes then having a great day out with friends; laughing, chatting and (more often then not) coffee drinking. But, even more often recently, I've loved nothing more than to have a chilled out weekend in the house alone. Obviously (following on from my post last week about planning) I always have to have a some kind of plan on how I'll spend my weekends alone, but I'm the girl who will quite happily keep herself occupied with no company. In all honesty, sometimes I can get sick of myself. With my mum working most weekends I get the house to myself, but often I do get a bit sick of silence and am counting down the hours till my mum walks through the door for some well needed conversation. But, that's not what I wanted to talk about today. I wanted to chat about how its not a bad thing, its quite a useful and to be honest quite vital thing to love your own company. Because, there may be times in life where its only yourself you have..  

Stepping Out For Some Fresh Air..

~ I Step Outside for Some Fresh Air ~
This weeks outfit offering comes straight for my less than interesting garden - oh well it proved to spruce up my usually outfit posts! Its quite nice having different colours in the background; thank god the rain stayed away (even if the wind did cause a lot of outtakes of these photos) Ahhh well, let me talk you through my outfit, a dress that's already made an appearance on this blog... as have the boots... as have the tights. What's actually new here Lisa?! Well, the scarf hasn't been shown before, will that do..? HAHA. I was in fact going to call this post 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your Outfit' - not sure why I opted out of that title because that's exactly what we have here!

What I've Learnt from Not Giving a F**k

~ What I've Learnt From Not Giving a F**k ~

No you may have seen this book EVERYWHERE in the Blogosphere, its practically owned by everyone on earth.. well scrolling through my twitter feed seems to give me that impression! Well, having read Mollie from the uh-mazing self titled blog Mollie Manning post's on this book, I instantly had the feeling I NEEDED this book. Like if I didn't have this book on my shelf I would not be living my best life. So naturally a few days later I was on Amazon and the book was mine. If you cannot tell already, its a basically a tongue-in-cheek self help book all about.. well not giving a fuck. That be not giving a fuck about things you really do not care about. In short, the quote on the front reads 'How to Stop Spending Time You Don't Have Doing Things You Don't Want with People You Don't Like' ~ and you know what's so great about that quote? We are ALL guilty of it! 

Just PLAN!

~ Just PLAN! ~

I'm the kind of person who has to have some kind of idea what they are doing. Whether that be what I'll be having for lunch tomorrow of what I'll be doing at the weekend. Maybe I'm freakishly organised or just trying to stay positive. But really if I didn't plan things, I think I'd find it very difficult to stay sane. What I mean by that is, that if I didn't know what I was doing, let's say next weekend with today being Monday I have a whole working week ahead of me, so if I didn't even have an inclination of next weekends plans, how the hell will I get through the week?!
Ok ok, I'm not an uptight person by any stretch. But for me, I thrive off having something to look forward to. This be, like I said, a little plan of getting my nails done or a big trip abroad in a few months time. If I didn't plan things I'd find it very difficult to be the positive person I am...

... The Styling Quest Continues.

~ A More Casual Look.. ~
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm making 2017 the year I dress better. Perhaps 'better' isn't the right word, but let's just say I'm making a more conscious effort to style outfits to fit my shape and feel comfortable in. I touched upon this a few weeks ago in my post 'Why Can't We Just Rewind' - that was more of a dressy look. This weeks offering is more down the comfy/ casual route, but still very much in keeping with my styling aspirations. I've always felt uncomfortable wearing whitewash jeans. Of course I've always attempted to wear them (probably a fair few times on this blog!) but never have I felt I look good in them. I've always but it down to not having the right footwear to wear with them. I'd try boots, dolly shoes, brogues; but never did I feel 100% myself in whitewash. WELL, cue the absolute awesome shoe offering to meet my every need.. a pair of shoes that come with the added extra of a pair of bunny ears and a pink pom pom tail...

Leaving on a Jet Plane.

~ Let's Talk Holidays Shall We? ~ 
With January seeming the month where ever man and his dog is booking holidays, trips and weekend breaks for the year ahead, I thought now would be a great time to bring some sunshine into an otherwise gloomy winters day. So far this year, I've booked two trips with one in the pipeline; so in todays post I thought I'd talk you through all those tips & tricks to note when planning that trip away as well as some in-flight essentials that I would be lost without if ever I stepped on a plane.. So, despite it only being January, Christmas has been and gone now so LET'S TALK HOLIDAYS.

The Book List #8

~ The Book List #8 | RSVP by Helen Warner ~

So here we are, 16 days into 2017 and I've finished a book.. I could lie right to you now and say its taken only that sort space of time to finish this - well that would be wrong wouldn't it! I actually started this beginning of November HA. Its not that I'm a slow read, its just took me a long while to really get into it. In all truth, the latest book on my list is a very easy read.. that's once you get into it. As I'm a girl who only tends to ready light hearted/ rom-com type books, I'd stop reading here if you aren't all for this genre. In brief, its a book surrounding 4 women, all linked in ways but not all are the best of friends. As you can guess a wedding is featured, but do not be believed that a wedding is the main conclusion to the book.. its where it all begins...

A Tale of an Outfit from a Mirror.

~... Because Going Back to Basics Isn't a Bad Thing Sometimes, Is It? ~

Anyone out there who blogs.. I have a question for ya: do you ever get extremely bored of how you take your photos? Do you form a kind of routine of how you take certain kinds of posts, i.e. if its a beauty/ product post you shot it this way, or if its fashion, this way... and so on? Well I'm one of those and boy did I get bored of how I shot my outfit posts. As I don't have the privilege of taking photos in fancy locations or from snazzy angles; my conservatory (which I will admit has thee best lighting) is my only back drop. So this time, in an attempt to jazz up an outfit post of sorts, I shot these in my mirror.. I have to admit, I actually much preferred it to the usually way of take pictures and even may do this more in the future. To be honest, the main reason I like the outcome so much may solely be down to the fact its different - I for one always loves a change...!

Re-read This in December..

~ Re-read this in December.. ~
Within the blogging world it seems incredibly difficult to be unique. Coming up with an idea that ~nobody~ has ever written about can be impossible. So when people create blog posts that probably everyone else has done too, is inevitable, but where is the harm in that? So, cutting a long story short, I thought todays post would be all about my goals for the year. A few resolutions (or non-resolutions as it seems to be) and things I really really want to get ticked off the mental life list. Some years it seems I create these lists and in reality, it ain't never goin' happen. This year is the year I get the small things done, not the whole 'train and run a marathon' or 'tone up and never drink a fizzy drink' - There are going to be people out there with these intentions obviously, but for me personally, I haven't go a high-level of willpower - so this years theme for my list; small doable goals, I will complete!

YES, You Can Live For The Moment & Document It.

~ YES, You Can Live For The Moment & Document It.. Well I Think So Anyway ~
With every year, technology grows and grows at rapid speed. When  I think back now to when I first started secondary school, no one had a mobile phone, literally there would be the odd person who was lucky enough to have a Samsung slide phone (in pink www) or some kind of crappy Blackberry, but generally it wasn't really a thing to have a phone. Fast-forward to 2017 and it literally not unheard of for a 4 year to have a phone or iPad of sorts... the world is saturated with technology. With this comes to ability to document every.single.little.thing that is happening. In a matter of seconds. from wherever you are in the world, you can document every minor detail (if you like) of what your doing. That being the Grand Canyon, The Great Wall of China.. or simply your avocado on toast you had that morning. There are no boundaries to what you can document...

Why Can't We Just Rewind

~ Rewinding Back to Christmas *Kinda* ~
So, although we are well into the new year by now; I think near enough everyone's Christmas tree's are down by today aren't they? haha, well ours has been for nearly a week - the festivities are a distant memory! Anyway, for today's post I thought I would share my Christmas Day dress, well it was originally worn Christmas Day but I've definitely had a few more days out since in this beautiful tweed number. Its a two part dress as it combines the blouse sleeves acting underneath and the tweed dress on top... It was actually a great bargain! With me and my mum, one afternoon on a leisure trip to Debenhams, the sales had began early so as I picked this up my mum suggested she by it for me as a present for Christmas.. well, you can't really say now to that can you?!

Let's Kick Start The Year With A (Healthy) Drink

~ Some (Healthy) Drinks, Anyone? ~

So, do you have 'Eating and Drink Healthier' on your 2017 Resolution list? or like me do you generally want to steer clear of the Ribena a bit more and drink a little better throughout the year. WELL, in todays post I thought I would put together 3 drinks that are that bit better for you, with less sugar and more of your five a day. I have a jazzed up a drink of water, a smoothies that doesn't taste like it'd be better down the sink and a fruit tea suggestion that's my brightest idea yet (here's a hint, I don't usually have many great ideas haha!) So anyway, if these seem up you're street - keep reading!

New Year, New Shoes.. Yes?

~ .. A Christmas Gift From Me... To Me ~
So last year I started the year with a bag I'd ~literally~ being eyeing up for a year, low and behold (despite it annoyingly not being in the sale) I finally purchased it and 1 year later it's still the main bag I don every single day..! Well, in keeping with traditions, I purchased some trainers I've wanted since the end of time.. OK I know they are slightly.. childish *cough* fashionable, but honestly I have never loved a pair of shoes so much (well, they're up there with my Valentino's anyway!) As my wardrobe is very much lacking any kind of shoes of this type.. literally the last time I bought myself some actual trainers I must have been about 14 years old, yeeeah back in the days of Fred Perry tracksuits and not much dress sense *shivers at the thought* OH LISA..