Learning to Love Your Own Company

~ Learning to Love Your Own Company ~
I'm a girl who loves her own company. Of course, there's nothing better sometimes then having a great day out with friends; laughing, chatting and (more often then not) coffee drinking. But, even more often recently, I've loved nothing more than to have a chilled out weekend in the house alone. Obviously (following on from my post last week about planning) I always have to have a some kind of plan on how I'll spend my weekends alone, but I'm the girl who will quite happily keep herself occupied with no company. In all honesty, sometimes I can get sick of myself. With my mum working most weekends I get the house to myself, but often I do get a bit sick of silence and am counting down the hours till my mum walks through the door for some well needed conversation. But, that's not what I wanted to talk about today. I wanted to chat about how its not a bad thing, its quite a useful and to be honest quite vital thing to love your own company. Because, there may be times in life where its only yourself you have..  
If I think back I've always been a girl who enjoys her own company. I think it stems back to the fact I'm an only child.. and only child's tend to grow up having to play on their own. Of course, I don't think being an only child helped the fact that for years I have been a painfully shy person, that's only improved in the last 2 years. But the fact I can easily entertain myself for large chunks of time has to be one of the perks of growing up sibling-less.
I've fortunately not had to be 'alone' as such over the years. I've always had a great circle of friends around me and always had supportive family. I was never a girl who eat her lunch in the toilet cubicle or stood alone in the corridor. Its only recently I've grown to realise, that as we grow up, its natural to be alone at times. Its not every week my friends are free and its not every weekend I am free - its natural you'll be in silence from time to time.
But as I've realised now, it really isn't a bad thing at all. A solo shopping trip into town isn't weird, you're not a loner if you pop for a quick coffee stop alone. Its simply part of life. There are going to be times when no one is around (that not necessarily being in bad situations) - sometimes everyone around you can be busy living their own lives, so little ol' you must entertain yourself. And its that that I've grown to accept and love. You should never rely on anyone else but you, you create your own happiness. So whether that be having a quiet coffee on your own reading a magazine, or going for a refreshing walk with only your imagination and thoughts.. it is a great thing being alone. However small or large the amount of time is.


  1. What a gorgeous blog you have, I love your photography too! I really resonated with thoughts on spending time in your own company. I think if you have hobbies and things you enjoy doing alone that’s great, I do too! I think it’s a balance though, but being able to keep yourself busy is an asset, and important skill. That’s one of the reasons why I like blogging so much, because there are elements of doing things alone but there’s a chance to chat and get feedback from other bloggers. It was lovely to stumble across this post, hope you have a nice weekend! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aw you literally put the BIGGEST smile on my face, thank you so much! Yes yes I totally get what you mean, I too love being alone but love to converse online with other likeminded people - its the best of both worlds! Thank you again for such a lovely comment! xx