Leaving on a Jet Plane.

~ Let's Talk Holidays Shall We? ~ 
With January seeming the month where ever man and his dog is booking holidays, trips and weekend breaks for the year ahead, I thought now would be a great time to bring some sunshine into an otherwise gloomy winters day. So far this year, I've booked two trips with one in the pipeline; so in todays post I thought I'd talk you through all those tips & tricks to note when planning that trip away as well as some in-flight essentials that I would be lost without if ever I stepped on a plane.. So, despite it only being January, Christmas has been and gone now so LET'S TALK HOLIDAYS.

~ Those Inflight Essentials..~
Its exciting isn't it, that night before a holiday. You've eagerly packed your case, checking for the second third time you haven't forgotten anything. Packing the bag for the flight, making that brave decision 'Do I NEED this or shall I just pack it?' .. The pre-holiday buzz has to be the best adrenaline rush there is! For me, I pack waaaay too much in my inflight bag; first tip? Don't pack your life into your bag! Ok ok Its a different story if you're only traveling with hand luggage, but generally you don't need the kitchen sink.
For me, whether I'm planning my inflight bag for a city break (like I will be to Paris in a few months ooo) or long-haul to a sizzling location such as Florida - There are a handful of items I must have. The first being.. you'll laugh to know but, bed socks. Yes, I'm that girl who can't sleep at night if she doesn't wear socks. But on flights, with the air-con always ramped up to the max, my feet are always absolute freezing. So, if you're anything like me, who is forever craving home comforts the minute you step out the house.. bed socks. Some other essentials for my travel bag will always include Face Cream (do you know how dehydrated your skin gets from flying!), Headphones (because there will be a baby on your flight and it will scream) and a some Sanitizer (just think, how many people have been to that toilet before you.. yeah)

That's some things to think about when you're packing for the all important flight bag, be practical, drink plenty of water and most important, any item that brings you comfort. Besides, you'll be sitting down for hours, when in life do you really get a chance to switch off and really relax?!

Travel Tips & Tricks
My first tip I would say is to be ever so careful who you book your holidays with. A website can quite easily design fancy website with all the gadgets and logos, but when you hit that payment button, it sometimes can sadly all go down the drain. So, whenever you are booking online, before you even begin to enter any card details or login into paypal - check for the little lock symbol in the address bar. The little black lock (usually on the left of the bar) indicates that that website is safe, you're safe to enter details! It may sound obvious, it may be new to you; but always check before booking a trip away!
So, if you're planning, planned or even just thinking of a trip this year.. I hope some of these tips can help!


  1. I definitely need to remember bed socks for when I next go away, planes are so cold! xx