New Year, New Shoes.. Yes?

~ .. A Christmas Gift From Me... To Me ~
So last year I started the year with a bag I'd ~literally~ being eyeing up for a year, low and behold (despite it annoyingly not being in the sale) I finally purchased it and 1 year later it's still the main bag I don every single day..! Well, in keeping with traditions, I purchased some trainers I've wanted since the end of time.. OK I know they are slightly.. childish *cough* fashionable, but honestly I have never loved a pair of shoes so much (well, they're up there with my Valentino's anyway!) As my wardrobe is very much lacking any kind of shoes of this type.. literally the last time I bought myself some actual trainers I must have been about 14 years old, yeeeah back in the days of Fred Perry tracksuits and not much dress sense *shivers at the thought* OH LISA..

 ~ Trainers: Minna Parikka ~
~ Socks: River Island & Jeans: Forever 21 ~

Anyway, moving on from this terrifying memory of my former dress sense - let's chat a little bit more about these shoes, now that my dress sense is that ~slight~ bit better! In my head, I've had an image of how I would style these, originally when the whole bomber jacket faze what at its highest - I had an image of whitewash jeans, a white t-shirt, a pale pink bomber and these shoes.. well that was in the summer and perhaps the bomber jacket faze has officially died down for the while.. but these shoes can be styled in other ways.
I will most probably in the near future, do a whole outfit including these shoes, but for now, let's use our imagination when I tell you how I styled them!
I first off are these whitewash jeans from Forever 21, as I'm quite tall they act as a kind of ankle grazer types - they aren't too tight so are simply straight leg jeans. Socks wise, I received some fluffy pale pink socks off my mum for Christmas (of course I got socks for Christmas haha!) I was actually over the moon to learn they matched the shoes.. bingo.
With my beautiful new socks (lol) I simply put on a paleish, pink slouchy hoodie and there we go.. a outfit fit for.. a long dog walk with my mum and her boyfriend!!

And there we go, my new shoes everyone; here's to a new year and new pair of shoes..!




  1. These are so cute and different! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. Ah thank you, they are quite different aren't they haha, I love them though at least they're not boring! :D xx