Re-read This in December..

~ Re-read this in December.. ~
Within the blogging world it seems incredibly difficult to be unique. Coming up with an idea that ~nobody~ has ever written about can be impossible. So when people create blog posts that probably everyone else has done too, is inevitable, but where is the harm in that? So, cutting a long story short, I thought todays post would be all about my goals for the year. A few resolutions (or non-resolutions as it seems to be) and things I really really want to get ticked off the mental life list. Some years it seems I create these lists and in reality, it ain't never goin' happen. This year is the year I get the small things done, not the whole 'train and run a marathon' or 'tone up and never drink a fizzy drink' - There are going to be people out there with these intentions obviously, but for me personally, I haven't go a high-level of willpower - so this years theme for my list; small doable goals, I will complete!
SO, let's start this cliché quest and give myself some goals that I should be able to complete if I really get my arse in gear...

1. By December I hope I can say I had a good blogging year. By this I mean, I hope I can say I improved in some way. I've said to myself this year I'm not putting pressure on myself to blog and with this only put posts up if I actually am happy with them. So, pictures: I'm making sure that if I'm not 100% happy them, don't put myself through the torture of my latest blog post being a shit one that I really do not want to promote. Also, I really want to be more wordy in post, so those times I get writers blog of sorts, don't drown in pressure of what to write - come up for a breath and when you get the inspiration, really write everything that's on your mind!

2. Health & Fitness-wise, there isn't much I really want to work on really. Not saying I'm supermodel ready with my diet and toned abs. But, generally I'm quite a healthy person so really what I do want to do is work on this. Continue to try new foods and be more organised on what I'm eating in my lunch breaks.. even make a few salads the night before. With fitness, I'm going to stop cursing myself for not running more, because every year I seem to be pushing myself to run when I really don't want to. So, this year I'm going to be kinder to myself, of I'm not being no slob, just not pressuring myself.

3. I hope by the end of the year, mentally I'm a lot happier and more content. In all honestly, my life currently is a little suffocating. In the way of I'm living in a very small village where I've been my whole life, with all my family here. Working in a small office with adults 30+ years older than me telling me how life should be and overall I really just want to LIVE my life for myself. I absolutely love my family and really like my work colleagues but I just feel like I need to move far away and start my life for myself. Learn new things myself, proper independence and meet new people. So basically, moving to Surrey which is VERY far away from me here in North Wales for University in September cannot come soon enough!

4. Finally is the inventible cliché of travelling more. Well, in actuality my travels this year are more city breaks, but they are places I've always wanted to see. So, my resolution of seeing more new places is well and truly in the processes of being completed.. well I've booked 3 trip already! So far, I've planned Edinburgh in April, York in May and Paris (!!) in August.. All VERY exciting times ahead, so if I do not visit anywhere else by the end of the year I very much think if these three tip go ahead without a hitch, my resolution can be ticked off!



  1. i love this style of post. i hope you complete your goals lovely!
    jen | velvet spring