Stepping Out For Some Fresh Air..

~ I Step Outside for Some Fresh Air ~
This weeks outfit offering comes straight for my less than interesting garden - oh well it proved to spruce up my usually outfit posts! Its quite nice having different colours in the background; thank god the rain stayed away (even if the wind did cause a lot of outtakes of these photos) Ahhh well, let me talk you through my outfit, a dress that's already made an appearance on this blog... as have the boots... as have the tights. What's actually new here Lisa?! Well, the scarf hasn't been shown before, will that do..? HAHA. I was in fact going to call this post 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your Outfit' - not sure why I opted out of that title because that's exactly what we have here!

[Dress: Oasis (similar)  | Boots: Fat Face | Scarf: Present off my friend!]
So, recently I've really realised I only have three 'kinds' of outfits I can turn to. This 100% purely down to the freezing weather. The first one being the whitewash jeans look, as I showed in last week's post. The other being the black Topshop jeans look, basically where I throw a top on with the jeans and voila. The final look is THIS ONE - where I wear thee thickest black tights and a dress of choice. This week's 'dress of choice' being a dress I bought around my birthday last September. Although I kinda think this dress is more autumn than winter; I still think it works in January. With my scarf, I really feel like I need to wear it loads over the next couple of month because the moment spring comes along in March, I just know red tartan isn't the pattern to turn to - so right now, its on everyday (literally, like I don't take it off during my working day!)
So there we have it, this weeks outfit offering.. a wintery/ wrapping-up-warm look from the three styles I only seem to rock recently.. don't be surprised if my Topshop black jeans make an appearance next week.. or my the whitewash jeans; I'm juuuust warning you now! HA.

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