... The Styling Quest Continues.

~ A More Casual Look.. ~

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm making 2017 the year I dress better. Perhaps 'better' isn't the right word, but let's just say I'm making a more conscious effort to style outfits to fit my shape and feel comfortable in. I touched upon this a few weeks ago in my post 'Why Can't We Just Rewind' - that was more of a dressy look. This weeks offering is more down the comfy/ casual route, but still very much in keeping with my styling aspirations. I've always felt uncomfortable wearing whitewash jeans. Of course I've always attempted to wear them (probably a fair few times on this blog!) but never have I felt I look good in them. I've always but it down to not having the right footwear to wear with them. I'd try boots, dolly shoes, brogues; but never did I feel 100% myself in whitewash. WELL, cue the absolute awesome shoe offering to meet my every need.. a pair of shoes that come with the added extra of a pair of bunny ears and a pink pom pom tail...
[ Jumper: Zara (similar) | Jeans: All Saints | Trainers: Minna Parikka]

You probably will have seen my amazing bunny rabbit trainers from a few posts back, when I dedicated a whole post to them. Well, in that post I didn't shoot a outfit post in this kind of style. I basically just showed you the shoes. But what I did do was explain how I'd style them and well, this is what I was ~trying~ to explain to you all HA! This outfit and ones incredibly alike have become my absolute go-to to throw on of a lazy weekend. Whether it be popping for a coffee or a simple dog walk, this is the outfit I've donned. This exact outfit was shot last Saturday, right after I'd been for a coffee with my Nain (grandma).. it really is the easiest way to look like you've made an effort AND feel great too.
The jumper I wore is honestly thee chunkiest and warmest piece of clothing I own, even out-doing my massive faux fur coat. It's so chucky I couldn't even wear a coat, but for an extremely warm blood person that I am (srsly, I just never get cold haha) it fought off the 1 degree outside temp and did just the trick.

...So the styling quest so far? Naaaat going too badly I must say. Besides, if I ever put an outfit together I don't feel looks good or I feel uncomfortable in. Then I'll simply default back to this outfit and I'll be comfortable for days.


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