The Book List #8 | RSVP

~ The Book List #8 | RSVP by Helen Warner ~

So here we are, 16 days into 2017 and I've finished a book.. I could lie right to you now and say its taken only that sort space of time to finish this - well that would be wrong wouldn't it! I actually started this beginning of November HA. Its not that I'm a slow read, its just took me a long while to really get into it. In all truth, the latest book on my list is a very easy read.. that's once you get into it. As I'm a girl who only tends to ready light hearted/ rom-com type books, I'd stop reading here if you aren't all for this genre. In brief, its a book surrounding 4 women, all linked in ways but not all are the best of friends. As you can guess a wedding is featured, but do not be believed that a wedding is the main conclusion to the book.. its where it all begins...

The quote that reads on the front of the book reads 'Wonderful.. with echoes of This Life and Cold Feet, along with Richard Curtis movies'... and to that I can completely agree. We start, on the first page with the announcement of Rachel & Toby's impending wedding, Rachel being on the main protagonists of the book, with Toby being very much the leading man. The book follows by uncovering each woman; Anna being the 'Heartbroken Ex' of Toby's, Clare being the Anna's Best friend and Ella, friends to Clare and Anna at University, but her wicked ways have left her very much alone.
As the title suggests; RSVP. The centre storyline is the lead up to the impeding wedding, although from my perfective, once the wedding has happened its when the story really begins. You begin to really immures yourself in the characters, they all begin to show different sides and interactions between each seem genuine... It would be very easy to give the storyline away here, but just think of it all as a Love Actually type book, each chapter being about one of the four women's perspectives with light-heart fun running through... I would 100% recommend this book for anyone not wanting a book with a storyline that will hurt your head, its light, easy and very honestly British. If you're planning a winter holiday or simply want a new book to read in the bath, it'd seriously consider giving this a go.
I now I said at the beginning it took me a while to get into it, but honestly once I did I was reading it every night before bed!


  1. This books sounds so good, I am going to pick it up asap! It sounds right up my street x