What I've Learnt from Not Giving a F**k

~ What I've Learnt From Not Giving a F**k ~

No you may have seen this book EVERYWHERE in the Blogosphere, its practically owned by everyone on earth.. well scrolling through my twitter feed seems to give me that impression! Well, having read Mollie from the uh-mazing self titled blog Mollie Manning post's on this book, I instantly had the feeling I NEEDED this book. Like if I didn't have this book on my shelf I would not be living my best life. So naturally a few days later I was on Amazon and the book was mine. If you cannot tell already, its a basically a tongue-in-cheek self help book all about.. well not giving a fuck. That be not giving a fuck about things you really do not care about. In short, the quote on the front reads 'How to Stop Spending Time You Don't Have Doing Things You Don't Want with People You Don't Like' ~ and you know what's so great about that quote? We are ALL guilty of it! 

I have to admit I'm actually half way through this book, but so far its everything I've needed in a book. I swear to good, ever since I've started it I keep thinking to myself 'where the hell was this book when I was 15?!' Because quite frankly, for years I've cared way way too much about what people thought of me. I was always the shy one in school who would cringe to absolute death even if just did the simplest thing of speaking up in class. I laugh now at how much I used to care.
Ok this booked hasn't magically changed me overnight, but its really cemented the fact now that I really do not give a fuck anymore, what people think of me and how I really do not need to care either. At the end of the day, its their problem what they think of you, so just enjoy your life and purely concentrate on what you care about.
My favourite chapter so far has to be about the 'Fuck Budget' all about budgeting the amount of fucks you give and only disburse them to thing you full care about. An example of this for me would be: Giving less of a fuck about my fitness and Giving more of a fuck about being happy/ eating what I want and chilling out more - get the gist? It really is a book where you can detox your brain, you get all the #girlboss vibes and really just makes you think about yourself.. without being an arsehole (she puts heavy emphasis on the fact you can not give a fuck, but not be an arsehole with it)

So, if 2017 is the year you think of yourself more and stop the people pleasing/ fuck giving about things you don't give a fuck about... give this book a whirl because you feel like laughing and punching the air when reading. That's a pretty good review to think I'm only half way!


  1. I keep seeing this book too and still need to buy it, looks so good xx


    1. Its everywhere isn't it, but I completely see why - its hilarious but really great! xx

  2. Great post. I should really that a look at that book! ♥ xo


  3. I need this book! I will definitely look out for out next time I go shopping xx