Why Can't We Just Rewind

~ Rewinding Back to Christmas *Kinda* ~
So, although we are well into the new year by now; I think near enough everyone's Christmas tree's are down by today aren't they? haha, well ours has been for nearly a week - the festivities are a distant memory! Anyway, for today's post I thought I would share my Christmas Day dress, well it was originally worn Christmas Day but I've definitely had a few more days out since in this beautiful tweed number. Its a two part dress as it combines the blouse sleeves acting underneath and the tweed dress on top... It was actually a great bargain! With me and my mum, one afternoon on a leisure trip to Debenhams, the sales had began early so as I picked this up my mum suggested she by it for me as a present for Christmas.. well, you can't really say now to that can you?!

[Dress: Debenhams | Tights: John Lewis (similar) | Boots: Fat Face | Bag: Zara | Scarf: Burberry]
Anyway, the outfit. I've decided 2017 will be the year I tone down my dressing, not dramatically, but pick more elegant outfits. Actually buy some jeans that are long enough for me, don't dress stupid and end up freezing; dress confidently. For me, I feel A-line dresses/ skirts suit me a little bit better then floaty. I always feel more comfortable and because I'm tall it suits my body shape. I have some skirts in my wardrobe that are either way too short or way too flowy and despite my justification (to myself) that 'I will wear them one day' - That day never comes. As you can see in these photos, the Debenhams dress is very straight fitting and as its long enough too, all day when wearing it I felt comfortable. So 2017's new years resolution?! - when shopping if a dress in Zara 'looks nice', think before you buy, LISA JUST THINK!