YES, You Can Live For The Moment & Document It.

~ YES, You Can Live For The Moment & Document It.. Well I Think So Anyway ~
With every year, technology grows and grows at rapid speed. When  I think back now to when I first started secondary school, no one had a mobile phone, literally there would be the odd person who was lucky enough to have a Samsung slide phone (in pink www) or some kind of crappy Blackberry, but generally it wasn't really a thing to have a phone. Fast-forward to 2017 and it literally not unheard of for a 4 year to have a phone or iPad of sorts... the world is saturated with technology. With this comes to ability to document every.single.little.thing that is happening. In a matter of seconds. from wherever you are in the world, you can document every minor detail (if you like) of what your doing. That being the Grand Canyon, The Great Wall of China.. or simply your avocado on toast you had that morning. There are no boundaries to what you can document...
.. and so that begs the question, are you truly living for the moment if you are too busy concentrating on documenting it. Are you letting precious memories slip simply because you were too busy picking the right Insta filer. My opinion? OF COURSE you can live in a moment and document it. Well that's from my side anyway. Obviously, it does take some effort at times to truly capture an image that sums up what you're doing. Ever feel like a camera never quite does the view justice? Well, there have been an abundance of time I've been in situation were I've both captured and had a bloody good time too. That be a festival, in 2014 I when to V Festival I took plenty of photos to be able to document everything I got up to, but I still have absolutely uh-mazing memories of various acts from those two days.. the fact I was taking photos a lot doesn't dent the fact I had a great time.

Of course, there is the flip side. I can probably speak from experience if I really try and think of a scenario. But, times where a bad mood can arise if you haven't documented a moment perfectly. This being  holiday or visiting a new city. Instead of living for the culture, the new foods and scenery. You can be swept up in trying your absolute hardest to get that perfect shot of the Eiffel tower. Well, perhaps we are all guilty of this from time to time, but its so easily to take 5 minutes and turn off the camera. I'm absolutely sure everyone who recalls a trip, a holiday, a moment has memories of what they saw instead of simply remembering it as the holiday where they took lots of pictures???

So simply put, YES you can live for the moment and document it too. Well, I feel I can anyway. Put down the camera is as easy as lifting it up. Besides, memories can be created nowadays, FROM documenting things.. take those photos of yourself with awful Snapchat filters being put on on that messy night out... remember how much you laughed..?



  1. I really stuggle to find the balance because I want to document it so I can remember it but I also want to enjoy myself. I really loved this post xx

    1. Yeah I'll admit it can be a tough one to find balance! .. glad you enjoyed xx