Let's Talk Hair Care..

~ Let's Talk Hair Care.. ~

Hair care, as vital has nail care, as vital has skin care.. ah being a female is a lot of work. Today I thought I'd chat to you how I maintain my locks. I'll admit, as the moment I'm not 100% happy with the colour of my hair.. let's just say, that red colour I had in it before Christmas, its been an absolute b.i.t.ch to dye over. BUT, I will say the condition of my hair is very good at present. So, here are a few tips & tricks to maintaining health hair, well for me over hear who has not necessarily thick hair, there's just a lot of it .. enjoy!

Likes & Loves of London Fashion Week

~ Likes & Loves of London Fashion Week 2017 ~

Now, I'm going to be the first blogger (a certainly not the last) to write about London Fashion Week. Its like thee pinnacle of fashion. Its every girls dream, well mine anyway. Of course, I doubt I'll ever make it up any ladder high enough to be able to sit through a show, but for now I have Vogue to scroll through and lust after for the next season. So in keeping with this, I thought I chat a little about different labels/ pieces of clothes or pattern that I've caught my eye. Garments that, if I ~somehow~ won any kind of lottery, would total be in my wardrobe! ..

She Looks Too Pure To Be Pink..

~ ''She Looks Too Pure To Be Pink.. '' Rizzo, Grease [1978] ~

I've always been a fan of pink. Of course I have I'm a girl, duh (lol please sense the sarcasm in that sentence) Anyway, I am incredibly stereotypical and have actually grown up as a girly girl. Of course I went through a faze when I was 13 of only wearing navy adidas tracksuits but still, generally I've been a pink girl. Over the years, my love for it has dipped in and out of the volume of pink in wardrobe. Its dipped a little recently, because yano its been Christmas and its practically the law that everyone love red.. so pink has taken a back seat. But recently, Spring has shown teeny weeny signs of reappearing and so has my love for pink... So, I thought I'd show and talk through how I've transitioned from Mrs Claus to a Pink Lady from Grease and the clothes that have helped me to so recently...

Will We Remember Our Digital Memories?

~ Will We Remember Our Digital Memories? ~
I often think about this. With every Instagram that I post. With every blog post that comes and goes... Will I remember this? With every memory created and subsequently posted online, it can seem as soon as it is posted its quickly pushed aside, the world has seen your coffee from that quirky coffee shop, the world has seen you posing by the Eiffel tower.. but they quickly fall down the Insta feed.. these memories are quickly drowned out by an influx of new daily memories. This is what scares me slightly, me being an avid scrap-booker, I have seen since I've grown to use the internet more and more over the years, I often forget to even open my scrapbook. I can go weeks at times without even printing off a single picture. I'm so often taking and posting photos but for what? For me to selfishly show off what I'm doing? Showing off the life I lead? I can feel I'm taking photos purely for other peoples benefit, not to treasure for myself.

Mirror Mirror We Meet Again..

~ Mirror Mirror We Meet Again.. ~

So I don't know if you remember a few weeks ago when I posted this outfit post, it was in a less conventional way to my usually corner, I took all the photos from, well, my mirror. Which, I'll admit is a little amateurish for the great scale of blogging nowadays, but I'm still a supremely novice-blogger compared to the utter #GIRLBOSSES that this community has.. so I continued and took the photos in my mirror and thought they turned out ok! This is the second instalment of 'Lisa poses in a mirror' which includes 2 new purchases; one being very sensible and one being, let's say not to everyone's taste.. weeeeell, everyone's style is different isn't it!

Taking a Step Back in Blogging Can Move You Forward.

~ Taking a Step Back in Blogging Can Move You Forward.. ~

Now I've seen this a lot lately. It seems a lot of people in the blogosphere, one time or another, have taken some sort of break. That be a few days, a few months (or some go full Ed Sheeran and don't go on social media for a full year) More and more do I see comments of people thinking blogging is not what it used to be. That its becoming overwhelming or saturated. Personally, I haven't been around these parts long enough to quiet grasp this thesis. It only been about 2 years really I've had my feet fully in blogging waters and to me that really is not long enough to see any kind of change. But, what I want to focus on in this post is tackling the positives of taking a break. Whether it be working in a Social media free Sunday rule or fully drawing yourself away for it for a bit, in my opinion, it can really help move you forward... if you let it.

OH?! Its Valentines Day Tomorrow.

 ~ OH?! Its Valentines Day Tomorrow ~
Now I'm not trying to be one of those bitter people, I'm by no means one of those girls who thinks valentines is a massive waste of time and is wayyy too commercialised (well I am slightly) I just have never been in a serious enough relationship where I have ever celebrated Valentines Day. For me it is simply the 14th of February HAHA. Of course, if I were with someone, I'd expect the full display of  roses and champagne truffles.. but that day as not come yet. So, in true singleton style I thought I comprise a blog post around alternatives to celebrate the 14th. Personally, I always find the date quite funny because I'm fully convinced I'll be alone forever, but for you all out there who want a distraction, I have a couple of suggestions...

Snippets Of My Day In .. Chester.

~ A Day in Chester.. ~

Aaaaah retail therapy, the oldest trick in the book to instantly life your mood (and give yourself a great excuse to take the day off from work) Boy, I love shopping. I know I know, I'm materialistic, but this is my first proper shopping trip of the year, so its fully justified that I spend a ~little~ bit more then I should of.. its two days later and I still can't muster up the courage to check my bank (thing I'll just wait till my next pay day haha) ANYWAY, despite me being in a state of guilt-ridden-because-of-over-spending - I actually had a lovely day walking around Chester and having the most uh-mazing food.. so here's a few snippets of the day!

Making *That* Time of the Month a Little Better..

~ Making *That* Time of the Month a Little Better.. ~

Ever think to yourself 'why the hell was I born a girl?', Whilst your belly is cramping, your moods are swinging and you just want to eat all.the.chocolate. Yes *that* time of the month is never the nicest but we power on through anyway. Sometimes I can be blessed with no pain at all, practically breezing through the 4-5 days, but most times I feel like my downstairs area is ready to pop. With that, my moods can be a ~little~ bit up and down, and just generally I feel a bit blehhhh SO, in this post today I thought I'd pull together a few tips and tricks I have learnt to ease my suffering, even if only slightly. Some of these may be trivial but its a case of I really have been practising what I preach.. with it only being last week mother nature was kind enough to bless me with all of the above.. ah womanhood is just amazing sometimes isn't it?!! *inserts sarcastic upside face emoji* ..

Tackling Fear (and Failing Sometimes..)

~ Tackling Fear (and Failing Sometimes..)

Fear is a strange thing. That emotion of feeling crippled, a mix of wanting to cry and begging yourself not to go through with it. It can be heights, it can be making a phone call; needles, blood.. everyone is different. Fears can come and go, some can easily be overcome, some can linger for a long long time. But often, it can be harder to tackle a fear. Sometimes it takes more that just 'doing' that fear to fully get over it.. At the end of it, its all psychological. Any human is capable of doing anything, but what can be our shortfall is our brains telling us not to. Its that voice in your head that tell you you hate it, you're scared and imagines what may happen if you do. I've grown out of many fears over the years, but there is one I tried to overcome this weekend, but unfortunately I failed.. and cried like an absolute baby... 

QUESTION: Why is Blogging Still Stigmatized?

~ QUESTION: Why is Blogging Still Stigmatized? ~

This is a question I've been pondering for a while. Its something I've thought about and really cannot understand why - why do people who have no idea what blogging is, instantly think to judge it? Its still seems its stigmatized in someway and really I cannot think for a second why. Often it seems on my Twitter feed it is filled with people ranting about how people think blogging is simply taking a photo and writing a few words and for some, it may be the case. But for the vast majority, careers are being created, businesses are being created and happiness usually is not far behind. How can a (not so) simple activity be so scrutinized? Is it because its largely women-based?.. probably. Is it because you're not saving lives or discovering the newest breakthrough medicine? .. probably. Is it because some people just want something to rant about? .. you know what, that's probably a definitely.

My Baby Love, My Baby Pink.

~ My Baby Love.. ~
Every put an outfit together and think 'I really REALLY love this outfit' ? - Because this is exactly what happened last Saturday when I reached into my wardrobe and threw this altogether. I have to say, I feel the influence behind this may single-handily be put down to my obsessing over recent tv show Tina & Bobby on ITV. Ok, yes the programme itself may not have been Oscar worthy (sorry to say!) but may oh may, the sixties styling had me at hello. Its not often I feel I'm cool enough to pull off the beehive or bold colours to the extremes like they did back then, but every so often I see myself steering towards certain 60's trends... take these boots for example!