Let's Talk Hair Care..

~ Let's Talk Hair Care.. ~

Hair care, as vital has nail care, as vital has skin care.. ah being a female is a lot of work. Today I thought I'd chat to you how I maintain my locks. I'll admit, as the moment I'm not 100% happy with the colour of my hair.. let's just say, that red colour I had in it before Christmas, its been an absolute b.i.t.ch to dye over. BUT, I will say the condition of my hair is very good at present. So, here are a few tips & tricks to maintaining health hair, well for me over hear who has not necessarily thick hair, there's just a lot of it .. enjoy!
 I'll admit, I can go through fazes were my hair goes through a rough patch, literally. I don't know why, maybe it reaches the end of its healthy stage and it just needs a hair cut. But when this does occur, I've found a vitamin supplement that works actually wonders. Around a year ago I took myself on a solo shopping trip and in that time I had a wonder into Holland & Barrett. It was whilst I was there, I found Solgar. They are Skin, Nails & Hair supplements which are vegan and don't have any nasties like salt or starch in. Up until now, I'm on my second pot and I have to say they really do help. To be honest, I'm always a bit paranoid about supplements, but the women in Holland & Barrett reassured me and they genuinely do help keep a natural shine to my hair!

After a shower my absolute go-to serum is the one pictured above, the John Frieda Frizz Ease serum. I usually apply 2-3 pumps onto the ends of my hair after a shower and quickly blow dry. It soaks in and when I wake up in the morning, my hair feels so healthy. I'm actually nearly at the end of the tub and 100% need to re-purchase. Although this serum is extremely cheap (£6!!!) you can tell its a well crafted product, I bought it from Superdrug and whilst I was there, there were a lot more expensive products, but to be honest, why break the bank when a six pound serum does the job, eh?!

Other things I do to maintain my hair is use a big barrelled brush. I recently picked up the rather ~large~ brush from Ecotools at Superdrug. It says it is supposed to stop breakages by 20% or something and you know what, I think it kinda does! I definitely have realised it doesn't pull my hair as much, so perhaps it does what it says on the tin.

So there we go, three elements to my hair care routine  - both old and new, I do to keep my hair healthy. I will admit, I can be lazy sometimes.. who isn't, and not use my hair serum, or not take my hair supplements. But when I don't do these things, my hair can be so dry I feel like having the chop and donning the full on pixie cut.. but I wouldn't suit such a bold 'cut, so my laziness must be worked on!!

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