Likes & Loves of London Fashion Week

~ Likes & Loves of London Fashion Week 2017 ~

Now, I'm going to be the first blogger (a certainly not the last) to write about London Fashion Week. Its like thee pinnacle of fashion. Its every girls dream, well mine anyway. Of course, I doubt I'll ever make it up any ladder high enough to be able to sit through a show, but for now I have Vogue to scroll through and lust after for the next season. So in keeping with this, I thought I chat a little about different labels/ pieces of clothes or pattern that I've caught my eye. Garments that, if I ~somehow~ won any kind of lottery, would total be in my wardrobe! ..
Having scrolled and scrolled through the endless shows that have taken place over the end of last week/ beginning of this week, they all seem to be sights to have seen. Yes, some may seem a little too ~fashion~ for me, outfits were the only expression you have is 'hmm, iiinteretsing'. But some, BUT SOME, they are just a true showing of craftsmanship at its highest level. With Temperley London, they showcased navy's, blues and utterly stunning floral patterns. In particularly, a beautiful silk, light blue floral dress, its so flattering with a low cut neck (very low) and high waistband.. wow. Similarly, with Mulberry there seemed to be lots of dark colours, though in a different turn to Temperley, they relay heavily on tweed patterns as apposed to feminine florals.

A big love of mine from this fashion week was obviously Topshop Unique, how can you not love it! They just do effortlessly cool so so well.  They seemed to combine an array of stripes with every colour under the sun, its very much a beautiful sight for the eyes. Finally, my last picks from the week has to be Sophia Webster. I had a flick through her latest offerings on trusty Vogue and its an ice princess bonanza. I personally, have loved her shoe designs for a while but have never dug far enough into my pocket and actually purchased anything. I hope one day it will be a different story, but for now we have her A/W range to lay our eyes on, at its uh-mazing!


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