Making *That* Time of the Month a Little Better..

~ Making *That* Time of the Month a Little Better.. ~

Ever think to yourself 'why the hell was I born a girl?', Whilst your belly is cramping, your moods are swinging and you just want to eat all.the.chocolate. Yes *that* time of the month is never the nicest but we power on through anyway. Sometimes I can be blessed with no pain at all, practically breezing through the 4-5 days, but most times I feel like my downstairs area is ready to pop. With that, my moods can be a ~little~ bit up and down, and just generally I feel a bit blehhhh SO, in this post today I thought I'd pull together a few tips and tricks I have learnt to ease my suffering, even if only slightly. Some of these may be trivial but its a case of I really have been practising what I preach.. with it only being last week mother nature was kind enough to bless me with all of the above.. ah womanhood is just amazing sometimes isn't it?!! *inserts sarcastic upside face emoji* ..

[Products Mentioned | Room Spray: C/O Help Me Organics
 | Face Cream: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream | Face Cleanser: Aesop]

Comfort: Now I don't know about you, but when I'm feeling the way I do during the week, I literally will do anything to be comfortable. I just crave the feeling of putting on my joggers and resting with a hot water bottle. But, this can never be the case sometimes, because usually I have to do that stupid thing us as humans are made to do... go to work. So, I try to be as comfy during the day as possible, but as soon as I'm home THOSE JOGGERS ARE ON. So, here's my first tip; whenever you can, put those comfies on, ditch the jeans and be as comfortable as possible at every given moment.

Calm Surroundings: When I am home, I try my best to make my surrounding as calm as possible. It helps my mood and can ease the pain ~slightly~. For this, last week I tried out a Calming Room Spray, ever so kindly sent by new little company Help me Organics. As the week was a blur of mood swings, I chose to review the 'Help Me Apparently I'm Hormonal' Spray and boy does it make the whole room smell like you're on a spa day! I've been spraying it in my living room during the evenings all last week, with just a couple of sprays, the lavender, ylang ylang amongst others keeps the room smelling so calming - sometimes I very much need when I'm feeling a little tense!

Feeling Fresh: Finally, I suggest going full out with the skincare routine. I don't know about you, but once I've cleansed using my Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser, it can refresh me in an instant. Even just the slight action of splashing 3 or 4 handfuls of cold water over my bare face, can really give me that revitalising boost. With that, remember to hydrate! I drink a lot of water anyway but during my week on I really try and keep fully hydrated. Green Tea with Lemon being my current favourite; the lemon being an essential, because green tea on its own just iiiiisn't the one!

So there we go, a few pointers for when it's *that* time of the month and how I tend to make it a little better!

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