My Baby Love, My Baby Pink.

~ My Baby Love.. ~
Every put an outfit together and think 'I really REALLY love this outfit' ? - Because this is exactly what happened last Saturday when I reached into my wardrobe and threw this altogether. I have to say, I feel the influence behind this may single-handily be put down to my obsessing over recent tv show Tina & Bobby on ITV. Ok, yes the programme itself may not have been Oscar worthy (sorry to say!) but may oh may, the sixties styling had me at hello. Its not often I feel I'm cool enough to pull off the beehive or bold colours to the extremes like they did back then, but every so often I see myself steering towards certain 60's trends... take these boots for example!

[Jumper: Marks & Spencer | Trousers: Archive by Alexa//Marks & Spencer (similar) |
Boots: Next]

The outfit was centred around the jumper, well the new jumper. I spotted it a few weeks ago on twitter when another blogger mentioned Marks & Spencer upping their game (I cannot think for the life of me who it was!) - I was quickly on the M&S website and was in love. It the prettiest jumper I've seen, just look at those sleeves! So once this was purchased, the task was then to style it! On Saturday as I put on said jumper, I had originally thought to put on some plain ol' black jeans - but then I had a thought, why not my well loved gingham trousers (also Marks & Spencer) I then went on to spot my light blue boots from about 2 years ago and voila.. my favourite outfit was created.
I honestly don't know what it is about this outfit, its just a mix of it being my favourite colours and extremely comfortable!
And so I was made to look like someone who looked stuck in 1962; not that that's a bad thing.. its only is a bit strange when you walk through a small village were dressing a bit extra is received with a few funny looks - you know what? Have I told you before, I cannot wait to move away later on in the year! At least if I walked through London in this outfit, no one would bat an eyelid haha!

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