OH?! Its Valentines Day Tomorrow.

 ~ OH?! Its Valentines Day Tomorrow ~
Now I'm not trying to be one of those bitter people, I'm by no means one of those girls who thinks valentines is a massive waste of time and is wayyy too commercialised (well I am slightly) I just have never been in a serious enough relationship where I have ever celebrated Valentines Day. For me it is simply the 14th of February HAHA. Of course, if I were with someone, I'd expect the full display of  roses and champagne truffles.. but that day as not come yet. So, in true singleton style I thought I comprise a blog post around alternatives to celebrate the 14th. Personally, I always find the date quite funny because I'm fully convinced I'll be alone forever, but for you all out there who want a distraction, I have a couple of suggestions...

So you here's one suggestion I have, buy all the gifts for YOURSELF... then everyone's a winner haha. No but seriously, why not treat yourself this valentines if there isn't anyone to buy you things. After all, you should never rely on other people for your own happiness, isn't that what everyone says?! So girl, walk into Waitrose, with your head held high. Buy yourself those pink roses, Marc de Champagne truffles and once home put Mean Girls on; you'll have one perfect night in... Alternatively, if you do need the company, why not organise a girl's night? ~ Galentine's do they call it?? YEAH DO THAT. If I had enough friends that lived around me still (lol why are they all away in uni atm </3) I would totally organise a group night, filled with rosé, matching pyjamas, facemasks and not a male in sight. Imagine the sleepover scene in Grease.. host your own sleepover over for your Pink Ladies!
So there are a brief couple of suggestions for your Valentines, forget fancy restaurants, Me-To-You bears and all that jazz... treat yo' self tomorrow; how does that saying go 'Your a independent women who don't need no man' HAHAHA.

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