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QUESTION: Why is Blogging Still Stigmatized?

~ QUESTION: Why is Blogging Still Stigmatized? ~

This is a question I've been pondering for a while. Its something I've thought about and really cannot understand why - why do people who have no idea what blogging is, instantly think to judge it? Its still seems its stigmatized in someway and really I cannot think for a second why. Often it seems on my Twitter feed it is filled with people ranting about how people think blogging is simply taking a photo and writing a few words and for some, it may be the case. But for the vast majority, careers are being created, businesses are being created and happiness usually is not far behind. How can a (not so) simple activity be so scrutinized? Is it because its largely women-based?.. probably. Is it because you're not saving lives or discovering the newest breakthrough medicine? .. probably. Is it because some people just want something to rant about? .. you know what, that's probably a definitely.
This is one of those topics were it annoys me to my core but I don't feel I have a big enough vocabulary to really get across to you what's whizzing around in my brain. But, what I'm trying to say is, why are people so fast to judge bloggers? because really what are we doing so wrong. I remember last year when I was invited to venue for a blogging event (well kinda, but that's not the moral of the story haha) and I can remember clearly, on my way out of there at the end one of the staff coming up to me and saying 'oh your here 'cause of that blogging thing yeah? do you need to ask me question or something?' rolling her eyes as she said it .. it literally makes me squirm thinking the way she said 'that blogging thing' like I was a stupid little girl because I blogged on the internet. Now, that's what I'm trying to work out here, why are people so quick to think its some stupid little thing.
Of course, blogging is by no means my full time job, I don't get any money for it, I simply so this out of love of the whole process of shooting photos/ writing/ promoting posts... I really love it. But from the outside looking it, it probably seems like its all just a waste of time. Yes, its a fairly new hobby in the way that 10ish years ago, the word 'blogging' may have been an alien thing to the vast majority. But time moves on. The internet is life right now. No business in the world would be able to manage now without the internet.. well not many. For god sakes, you can get Wi-Fi on an airplane, being able to tweet at 10,000 feet in the air. So why on earth are people so easy to judge you for writing a few words/ stories/ thoughts on a webpage? Why do people roll their eyes if you want to take a photo of your food and document it on Instagram? What is so wrong in that...
... because I'm truly baffled.


  1. You're totally right: "The internet is life right now." Just focus on that whenever you face ridicule/eye-rolling from others about the blogging arena. Truth is everyone will eventually have to have a blog and you're already streets ahead!

    1. Yeah I never thought of it like that because people WILL all probably have a blog eventually, like everyone has Facebook!! Thank you for commenting x

  2. So many businesses now have blogs too! I don't understand why people still don't see it as a career or take it seriously!


    1. EXACTLY! I just feel like its still so alien to say you have a blog, the attitudes really need to change, don't they?! x