She Looks Too Pure To Be Pink..

~ ''She Looks Too Pure To Be Pink.. '' Rizzo, Grease [1978] ~

I've always been a fan of pink. Of course I have I'm a girl, duh (lol please sense the sarcasm in that sentence) Anyway, I am incredibly stereotypical and have actually grown up as a girly girl. Of course I went through a faze when I was 13 of only wearing navy adidas tracksuits but still, generally I've been a pink girl. Over the years, my love for it has dipped in and out of the volume of pink in wardrobe. Its dipped a little recently, because yano its been Christmas and its practically the law that everyone love red.. so pink has taken a back seat. But recently, Spring has shown teeny weeny signs of reappearing and so has my love for pink... So, I thought I'd show and talk through how I've transitioned from Mrs Claus to a Pink Lady from Grease and the clothes that have helped me to so recently...

I think the main element that has kick off my love for pinks again was the utter beautiful blush jumper from Marks & Spencer. Its a soft knitted jumper with the biggest funnel sleeves. (if you wanna see it, its in the top photo its the second from left oxo) I have worn it a few weeks back in a blog post were I dressed in an outfit that was everything I imagine the 1960's to be. I have already worn this jumper to death and feel a million dollars in it and I'll probably wear right until its no longer acceptable to wear a jumper. Similarly, is my less specular but equally loved, ASDA jumper (that's the one that's on the left hand side in the top photo!) - this is a little less soft and is more ridged, but is so slouchy and warm, I really enjoyed wearing it!
Some other bits I've accumulated is the pale pink top I'm wearing. I picked it up in Zara a few weeks back and is so so pretty. Its quite a structured top with a lovely bow on the back, I'll admit it its quite cropped, but with some high waisted trousers or a skirt I can definitely style it so I'm not too self conscious my belly is on show. Talking of Zara, you see the small blush pink bag? Also, the little pink bag in the middle of the picture?.. yeah I bloody love them. They both are from last year so are no longer in store but I'm sure in the coming months, with Spring trends in store, they will be plenty on offer for you to pick up!

Finally, I must talk about Olive a label I literally lust over weekly. All you have to do is type in 'Pink' in the search bar and a whole range of beautifully craft clothes are shown. Seriously go have a peak, you won't be disappointed if you're anything of a Pink Lady like I am!


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