Snippets Of My Day In .. Chester.

~ A Day in Chester.. ~

Aaaaah retail therapy, the oldest trick in the book to instantly life your mood (and give yourself a great excuse to take the day off from work) Boy, I love shopping. I know I know, I'm materialistic, but this is my first proper shopping trip of the year, so its fully justified that I spend a ~little~ bit more then I should of.. its two days later and I still can't muster up the courage to check my bank (thing I'll just wait till my next pay day haha) ANYWAY, despite me being in a state of guilt-ridden-because-of-over-spending - I actually had a lovely day walking around Chester and having the most uh-mazing food.. so here's a few snippets of the day!

I have to say, I've been to Chester literally a million times before so have seen every inch of the high street and surrounding areas, but nevertheless it never fails to be as beautiful. Chester I always feel is the ideal place to go shopping, well for me anyway because its only about 1 and a bit drive and the high street is small. Not tiny, but everything is in one place so its so great - no endless walking! As it was a shopping ~trip~ we did the whole shopping, lunch, more shopping, coffee break, finish up shopping then come home; isn't this the best way to do it?!
I thought what I'd do is a little mini review of where we eat and the best shops to visit, I can't really comment on sites to see but for now, a food option and my favourite shop to peek into will do!

TO EAT: The Botanist, 13 St Werburgh St, Chester CH1 2DY
From the photos above, you can see inside and out of The Botanist. Its just off the main high street and to be perfectly honest, the term 'Aladdin's Cave' summarises it perfectly. This being because as soon as you walk in, its feels like its triple the size it looks from the outside! Its absolutely beautiful too - with its rustic/ sailor/ floral/ ultra-Instagram theme, my hand was literally twitching as I was walking in as I wanted to just photos of all the d├ęcor (oh god, that's the sign of a blogger isn't it!) Food-wise, I went for the hanging kebab which, thinking back now, is making my mouth water at the thought. You're given the hanging kebab over a bowl of chips, with garlic butter sauce that's poured through a little dish at the top so the sauce drips down onto the kebab and then onto the chips - MMM. If you are anywhere near a Botanist (there's quite a few dotted throughout the UK) I seriously recommend this place.
Now one of my fav's to visit (excluding Zara because its a given I'll visit there) when in Chester is
Whistles [10 Watergate St, Chester CH1 2LA] Now, if you live near a big city and visit there often, you may be questioning why I'm mentioning a chain-shop. Well, I never visit these types of shops, so when I'm actually near one I LOVE to visit! With Whistles, its quite a small cosy little shop compared to big units you may find in London for instance. In Chester, its in a creaky little shop with white wooden beams and bright lighting... my favourite type of shop! Whilst I was there I bought this black lace dress with the plan it will look just perfect when I'm in Paris in August! This was definitely the purchase of the day.
SO, there we go, there were some little snippets of my day in Chester, hope you enjoyed my little round-up!



  1. I have never had the chance to visit Chester but it looks so beautiful, what a lil adventure! Great post, girly!

    Holly | The Kitty Luxe

    1. Ah thank you, Chester is so lovely - I'd definitely recommend a visit! x