Tackling Fear (and Failing Sometimes..)

~ Tackling Fear (and Failing Sometimes..)

Fear is a strange thing. That emotion of feeling crippled, a mix of wanting to cry and begging yourself not to go through with it. It can be heights, it can be making a phone call; needles, blood.. everyone is different. Fears can come and go, some can easily be overcome, some can linger for a long long time. But often, it can be harder to tackle a fear. Sometimes it takes more that just 'doing' that fear to fully get over it.. At the end of it, its all psychological. Any human is capable of doing anything, but what can be our shortfall is our brains telling us not to. Its that voice in your head that tell you you hate it, you're scared and imagines what may happen if you do. I've grown out of many fears over the years, but there is one I tried to overcome this weekend, but unfortunately I failed.. and cried like an absolute baby... 
... what I tried to do this weekend was give blood. Something I thought would be a great great thing to do, I'm young, healthy and definitely have enough blood to give someone who really needs it. But unfortunately fear got in the way. I know myself I'm afraid of needles. If I watch anything on tv that's medical and someone is having an injection, I have to look away and my legs literally go to jelly. I hate it. So I thought if I gave blood I would be tackling that fear, if I'm going to get over my fear of needles, what better way then to have a cannula in my arm for 10 minutes and do a great thing in the process.. But life just isn't that easy sometimes, I'm human. and I panicked.

Originally this blog post was suppose to be me talking all about the whole process of giving blood. But, really I got as far as sitting on the bed, a nurse feeling for a vain in my arm and BOOM panic set in and I burst out crying. It was a horrible feeling and one of utter fear. I was petrified. So the lovely nurse reassured me I'd done a great thing just stepping through the door and there is always next time when I'm more ready.

With fears I think taking little steps is as worthwhile as going full steam ahead and trying to overcome it. For me, next time I have the knowledge of what it's like to give blood, I now know the whole process and I may next be able to go all the way. I have to admit I do feel I let myself down slightly, but it was a massive thing for me to even consider it. One day I really want to give blood, but I just wasn't ready. At the end of the day needles scare the shit out of me, so I really did tried to overcome it.. but it wasn't to be.

So really, if you have a fear, well done you're human! Whether it be big or small taking a small step to overcome it can be worthwhile. At the end of it, the more you do something, you get used to it and it can become second nature.. so this isn't the end of my fear - I WILL give blood one day!!!


  1. This is such a great post and well done you for trying to give blood, the nurse was right and that's a great first step!

    Ella xx

    1. Ah thank you!! - I really feel it was a little step forward, I can only try again next time :) xx

  2. I agree with you! We can't all face our fears immediately and that is okay! You were so brave in what you did xx