Taking a Step Back in Blogging Can Move You Forward.

~ Taking a Step Back in Blogging Can Move You Forward.. ~

Now I've seen this a lot lately. It seems a lot of people in the blogosphere, one time or another, have taken some sort of break. That be a few days, a few months (or some go full Ed Sheeran and don't go on social media for a full year) More and more do I see comments of people thinking blogging is not what it used to be. That its becoming overwhelming or saturated. Personally, I haven't been around these parts long enough to quiet grasp this thesis. It only been about 2 years really I've had my feet fully in blogging waters and to me that really is not long enough to see any kind of change. But, what I want to focus on in this post is tackling the positives of taking a break. Whether it be working in a Social media free Sunday rule or fully drawing yourself away for it for a bit, in my opinion, it can really help move you forward... if you let it.
I think a break from anything is important. Switching off sometimes is the only way you can put up with something. I'm not saying you have to 'put up' with blogging because if you really feel like this you reeeally should not be doing it. But sometimes, you really need to step back. Put the laptop screen down . Take a breather. I have first hand experience of being too consumed in blogging. Just last year, I went through a really faze of naaat enjoying blogging, generally sighing at the thought instead of being thrilled. It's not a nice feeling at all because I'm so used to feeling utter excitement of picture taking and going on and on about my favourite things. But when you suddenly get in the rut of 'I could think of a million better things I could be doing then taking a photo of this bloody bathbomb' ... gurl you know its time to step back.
November last year I'd probably rate my worst month. Altogether I wrote 6 posts in total throughout the whole month... that's literally half the usual. I honestly feel it purely came down to being too swept up in it all, checking if anyone's read my posts 15 times an hour and generally not switching off... it's just not good for a thing that is purely my hobby. When I look back on my posts from then, I just make this face :/ a little because I can see how forced they were. Not good at all. But the moral of this story is, I took a bit of time to myself and didn't post for about 12 days I think. I really tried to take a full step back and, well, breath.
And that's what's important, you don't have to be suffocated by anything. Blogging is literally so fun and carefree to everyone at the end of the day, so why was I stressing so much!
With the turn of the year, 2017 I can honestly say I feel so happy with my blog. After I completed Blogmas last year, I again took a week off from blogging and started a fresh and it honestly was the best thing. I find taking photos/ putting outfits together etc etc SO much fun and genuinely look so forward to it every weekend. Its a great hobby I have at the moment and one I hope I can continue. I just need to remember that its shouldn't be something you feel you have to do. If it ever stresses me out again then, I'll just take a step back.. because genuinely it'll move you further than you can ever imagine..



  1. This post is so true, taking a break is something you shouldn't be afraid of!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  2. The post is definitely true, I took a little break before christmas last year and I feel like my blogging has been so much better since then xx

    1. Yes its so great taking small breaks from time to time! xx