Will We Remember Our Digital Memories?

~ Will We Remember Our Digital Memories? ~
I often think about this. With every Instagram that I post. With every blog post that comes and goes... Will I remember this? With every memory created and subsequently posted online, it can seem as soon as it is posted its quickly pushed aside, the world has seen your coffee from that quirky coffee shop, the world has seen you posing by the Eiffel tower.. but they quickly fall down the Insta feed.. these memories are quickly drowned out by an influx of new daily memories. This is what scares me slightly, me being an avid scrap-booker, I have seen since I've grown to use the internet more and more over the years, I often forget to even open my scrapbook. I can go weeks at times without even printing off a single picture. I'm so often taking and posting photos but for what? For me to selfishly show off what I'm doing? Showing off the life I lead? I can feel I'm taking photos purely for other peoples benefit, not to treasure for myself.

.. and that is what I've really started to be more aware of. I've started, as of this year, making more of a conscious effort to print photos I've taken. Update my scrapbook, captioning everything I stick in. Because with a scrapbook you can remember the things you've done, the things you've seen.. because its there. With an Instagram feed photos are easily lost in a sea of others. Even with my blog; I love the whole process but I do become wary I can forget what I've done, I can forget how much effort has been put in to some of these posts. That's why I really do try and print off photos if I really am proud or love the set-up.. because otherwise, what was the point of it in the first place. I want to be able to look back on my efforts/ memories/ work.

I'm one of these people who thinks into things too much sometimes (do you? you probably do too) and for me I often think to myself, what exactly IS the internet?. If you had to explain to someone who was from, let's say, 1940 (and pretend time travel exists for just a second ok oxo) how would you describe what the internet is, what social media is, what the hell it is. You'd be a bit lost for words wouldn't you, ok unless you computer scientist or whatever, but you'd be a bit like, uh well, its this thing where like uhm, well... What I'm trying to get at here is, what if this whole internet thing one day just kinda, stops. All those memories you have on here are just gone. Lost forever. Of course that is most likely ~never~ going to happen, but that's why I feel printing photos out, keeping cinema tickets, keeping a flyer you picked up from a trip to Edinburgh in 2008, all these things are objects that can't be lost (well unless misplaced but you get what I mean don't you) A photo on a computer can quite easily be deleted, but if in your hand, its there for as long as you want it.

So I'm making 2017 the year I make sure my greatest memories I share online are also stuck firmly in my scrapbook. With every Instagram posted, if I really so love the photo I'll make sure its treasured in photo form too. Making sure me digital memories are not forgotten about.



  1. I definitely want to start a scrapbook now! It seems like such a therapeutic process and so nice to remember to all the memories xx

    1. I love scrapbooks, you definitely should think about starting one!