Out With The Old Face Cream.. In With The New.

~ Charlotte Tilbury Vs Neals Yard ~

Ding ding ding, its the battle of the face creams. In the blue corner is Neal Yard. The distractive blue pot, a brain child started in the 80's, its organic, its cruelty-free, but will it do the trick? In the red corner is Charlotte Tilbury. The dream for all. With its pretty packaging, genius blends and kickass names; will this all rounder really prove its full of magic or will it fall by the waist side... Its Covent Garden Vs London itself. Its the battle of the century, ding ding its ROUND ONE..
For todays post I thought I'd do a little review and comparison between my newly finished Magic Cream and my recently purchased Rose & Mallow cream. I find face cream to be one of the most important elements to every routine, its the layer that can fix, replenish and give your skin that much needed longevity. Whether you are 15 or 50, I think it is so important to moisturise your face. Of course, finding the perfect cream can be tricky. With so much in the market, it can be daunting but if like me, you have normal to oily skin, these two products may just be ones to keep an eye out for. So, without further ado, I'll give some pointer and highlights I've found from using up the Magic Cream and recently starting the Rose & Mallow cream. Leeeet's go folks!

The Permanent Return of the Light Wash

~ The Permanent Return of the Light Wash ~

Is there anything more spring-like then an injection of whitewash/ light wash denim.. well for me there certainly isn't. There used to be a time were I never quite felt I could pull off light jeans. I always seemed to feel uncomfortable in them and ~never~ had the right shoes to match. Well, rewind a little while (well a few seasons) and now I majestically never seem to even think to turn to black skinnies much anymore.. that's a turn up for the books! So, over last weekend, as the sun shone bright in the sky, out came the trusty whitewash and I wore the least amount of clothes I've worn all year - I didn't even need a big coat YAS.

A Saturday Celebrating Mothers Day.

~ A Saturday Celebrating Mothers Day ~

YAY. THE SUNSHINE IS BACK. YAY. As the clock ticked over to 12am on Saturday night, quickly were they needing to be turned forward one hour - and so a whole country breathed a sigh of relief (even if you were sleeping at the time - you probably smiled!) because its officially Spring time! Now we welcome lighter evening and endless ~blog-taking~ possibilities! In connection to this, the sun most definitely put his hat on on Saturday, as you'll be able to see in this blog post, our smiles definitely show our happiness.. my sunglasses made their 2017 debut as me and my family celebrated Mothers Day, as day earlier - there were smiles all around....

Blogger Classics | 3 Lush Reviews

~ Blogger Classics | 3 Lush Reviews ~

Ahh Lush, the ultimate blogger shop full of blissful smells and delights. Even if you don't like the occasional bath, you've probably been into a Lush shop and smelt all bath melts or been chatted to by one of the colleagues about some wonder scrub for your legs and arms. Even like me, you have probably watched endless short videos on Instagram of people slowly dropping a bath bomb into water and aaaall the colours bubbling away... that shit is satisfying. Anyway, in the true spirit of blogging, I've put together a post that I've been working on for a good 3 weeks now - trying out various bath bombs/ melts in order to tell you actually what I think of them.

That Day-Old-Hair Problem

~ That Day Old Hair Problem ~
I say that 'day' old hair problem, but what I really mean is 'that *insert number of days before hair becomes greasy* problem'. If you're a person who's hair can last perfectly fine looking for more than a day or two I salute you, because this gal certainly can't!.. For me, I wash my hair every other day, I would wash it every day but truthfully it would go so so dry and flat so, 4 ish times a week it usually is for me. Today I wanted to chat about my ways of keeping my hair look ok (ish) when its a day old, so the days when I am fully planning on washing it that evening.. but I have a whole day at work/ out to look presentable for first. Ahhh yet another joy of being a girl, eh?! ...

Time For Another Spa Day?

 ~ Another Spa Day for Lisa ~

Aaaaaand relax. It seems, as I'm sat here now, brain frazzled from a day at work, Monday's Spa day is a distant memory. It's not often we experience full blown relaxation is it. Where you have absolutely zero worries, no stresses or things to do.. just lie back, breath in the aromatherapy oils and just take in the atmosphere. It all sounds very dramatic, but seriously spa days are the best, aren't they? So, let me reminisce about my splendid start to the week in one beauty of a spa.. aaaand breath (again).

Baggy Trousers


If there were ever a pair of trousers that were so out there (for me) that you start to seriously question if you're cool enough to pull them off.. this stripped pair of trousers would me them. Yes they are bold, yes they are eye-catching and yes they may be a funny fit - but you know what, I bloody love them! So, in my quest to 'tone-down' my wardrobe this year, I have failed spectacularly. But who gives a damn, I have a new pair of trousers that are v cool.. even if I'm not!!!

Bedroom Additions: Prints & Pictures

~ Bedroom Additions: Prints & Pictures ~

Today I wanted to chat about little bedroom additions I've made over the past few months, these little additions being in the form of prints & pictures I've accumulated from both online and in store. I feel with the rise of Instagram & blogging, having prints with quirky patterns or quotes are a must. Of course, these kinds of art have been around for as long as anyone can remember, but recently I've seen prints similar pop up on everywhere on social media platforms. So, I wanted to show you my little collection I have dotted around my bedroom at present. These include 2 prints and 2 cards (essentially) that I use has prints, of course they have the uplifting words and pretty colours, but really what more do you need in prints, eh?! They certainly make my bedroom that bit nicer!


~ 9/5 ~

Today, as I write this, I felt in a reflective mood. At present, I'm working in an office, as you may know (I've mentioned this countless times before!) but soon this big girl job is coming to an end.. in around 5/6 months, I'm quitting my full time job and going to University. This being something I wouldn't have even thought about 2 years ago, but hey hoo, things change. And because my job is coming to an end and I'm throwing myself back into education; I wanted to write a little piece about how much I've benefited from working full time straight from school. Both the good things and the not-so-good realities of skipping the part that all your friends did - working 9 to 5, as Dolly Parton sings has been my life for a year and a half.. here's my view as a 20 year old on what it was like not going down the traditional university route straight away..



When I intend to post an outfit post on a Friday, when I go to write said post it always feel like a life time away since I've taken the post.. oh the joys of your only chance to take photos of any kind being on weekends. Anyway, in keeping with this, these photos are from way back when.. well last Saturday. A few post back I went into great detail about how I have seriously LOVED pink lately, like loved it more then when I was 5 years old. Well, in keeping with this love I dressed in the top I mentioned in that post. Adding in my new pink trainers which I think are absolutely fab and some white wash denim... told ya I love pink! 

Things To Get Ticked Off The List.

 ~ Things To Get Ticked Off The List ~
Now there are some things I need to do. Nothing really that important, nothing life-changing, just bits and bobs I need to get ticked off my list that will make my life significantly more organised. Of course in the true spirit of blogging I'm going to tell you all ALL ABOUT THEM. Why not make a list and chat to you about these things, it'll help me mentally unload and you can read something to procrastinate further haha! I'll tell ya now though folks, these probably aren't all that enlightening but oh well.. here are a few things I needing ticking off in the coming weeks... then I can stop complaining to myself I'm being unorganised, this gurl is sorting herself OUT.