A Saturday Celebrating Mothers Day.

~ A Saturday Celebrating Mothers Day ~

YAY. THE SUNSHINE IS BACK. YAY. As the clock ticked over to 12am on Saturday night, quickly were they needing to be turned forward one hour - and so a whole country breathed a sigh of relief (even if you were sleeping at the time - you probably smiled!) because its officially Spring time! Now we welcome lighter evening and endless ~blog-taking~ possibilities! In connection to this, the sun most definitely put his hat on on Saturday, as you'll be able to see in this blog post, our smiles definitely show our happiness.. my sunglasses made their 2017 debut as me and my family celebrated Mothers Day, as day earlier - there were smiles all around....

As it was Mothers Day yesterday, it is an obvious tradition to do ~something~ to show just how much you frickin' love your mum. Well, in my world, my mum had to work on Sunday, so we decided to not let the celebration disappear completely, so we went out on a sun outing on Saturday instead. We took my amazing Nain (grandma) and my Great-auntie with us too, so it well and truly was a nice family affair. The four of us had some lovely food at a seaside café/restaurant, went for a little walk on the beach, then went to a few shops to carry on the nice afternoon out. With my family, we are all incredibly close, I kid you not near enough all my immediate family live in the same tiny village, so we are never are very far away from one another. Yes, this has its advantages and disadvantages, sometimes it can be suffocating. but generally its a lovely thing, because days like Saturday are possible. We can simply jump in the car together and have a lovely day out...!
So there we have it, another lovely day out celebrating Mothers Day, with the best mum there is, she is honestly my best friend and she makes me laugh nay on every day - we definitely have the same personalities haha! -
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, here's to hoping this sunshine continues for more then just a couple of days!!!


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