Baggy Trousers


If there were ever a pair of trousers that were so out there (for me) that you start to seriously question if you're cool enough to pull them off.. this stripped pair of trousers would me them. Yes they are bold, yes they are eye-catching and yes they may be a funny fit - but you know what, I bloody love them! So, in my quest to 'tone-down' my wardrobe this year, I have failed spectacularly. But who gives a damn, I have a new pair of trousers that are v cool.. even if I'm not!!!

[Culottes: Zara | Top: Zara | Trainers: Minna Parikka]
The trousers/ culottes in question were picked up from Zara (you'll be surprised to hear) Yes yes, I know all my clothes seem to be from Zara, but they really do have thee best items - what can I say! I'll admit, I've always been put off by culottes, this being down to the shape/ the way they hang. I was always so wary they would make me look bigger then I am, with the wide leg giving off that illusion. Another factor was footwear, I never have seem to have the appropriate footwear to wear with this style of trouser. But recently, I've really been loving trainers (I've bought 2 pairs so far this year!) and so, combining both the culottes and trainers works a charm - I'm so trying to be one of those chic European bloggers who carry of this effortless street style look to a T, lol I'm naaaat reppin' the look ~as~ effortlessly but I've grown to love this style and can honestly say, for the last 4 weekends, I've worn these trousers haha!
So mix together the culottes, a comfy plain top and a pair of trainers and there you have it, an outfit that masks the fact you aint that cool (at all) and gives you the street cred you desperately need HAHA. Plus, culottes are COMFY, I'm all for wearing my uncomfortable, tight Topshop Leigh jeans but low and behold, elasticated waist culottes - next time I'm shopping (and have enough money) I ~may~ have to pick up another pair of these type of trousers.. comfortable and fashionable; what is this SORCERY?!


  1. You want to tone down your wardrobe? GIRL, you should be going wild. These suit you incredible well x

    1. HAHA, Thank you!! I always tend to buy 'out there' clothes though, like I have next to no basics hahaha! x

  2. These are cute! I also love that they seem to be super comfortable because lets be real, that's a goal for every outfit haha
    Kathy x