Bedroom Additions: Prints & Pictures

~ Bedroom Additions: Prints & Pictures ~

Today I wanted to chat about little bedroom additions I've made over the past few months, these little additions being in the form of prints & pictures I've accumulated from both online and in store. I feel with the rise of Instagram & blogging, having prints with quirky patterns or quotes are a must. Of course, these kinds of art have been around for as long as anyone can remember, but recently I've seen prints similar pop up on everywhere on social media platforms. So, I wanted to show you my little collection I have dotted around my bedroom at present. These include 2 prints and 2 cards (essentially) that I use has prints, of course they have the uplifting words and pretty colours, but really what more do you need in prints, eh?! They certainly make my bedroom that bit nicer!

I'll start from the top and work downwards, ok! The first of my prints is a very cute little card I picked up when I was Sheffield last year. Whilst there I popped into a little shop which stocked these cards by Martha and Hepsie. Personally, I've not heard of them before, but they were a local business and with me loving anything with Flamingos on, it was mine! So this little treasure which reads 'The only way is up' sits pretty above my dressing table.
Sitting next to my little flamingo card is an equally amazing one which, let's face it is just uh-mazing. I picked it up whilst in Paperchase, but is actually by the kings of quirky stationary.. Ohh Deer. I'll admit, I'm a huge fan-girl of Beyoncé, so when I saw it having moles dressed in icon Beyoncé outfits and read 'Beyoncé Moles'.. cards don't get much more fabulous, do they?! Plus, the background of the card is blush pink which is basically my favourite colour, so it was win win, really!
Another addition I've picked recently is an amazingly bright print by the ever so talented Dorkface Shop. I follow Jemma on Twitter and love her bright, bold and colourful style. Whilst on her Etsy shop, I spotted this beautiful mountain print and completely feel in love with all the colours, how they all blend together.. I just knew it would brighten up my bedroom (and that it did!) This sits pretty next to my tv and I will definitely be bring this to university with me, it may only be A5, but it so colourful your eyes are drawn towards it as soon as you walk in the room!

Finally, is the largest of all my prints. If I'm honest, this quote is something I now life by. I found it whilst scrolling Etsy a little while before Christmas last year and as soon as I read it, I loved its purity. I do fall victim to overthinking and get swept up by things, so when I read this quote, it weirdly calms me down. Because really, 'With Freedom, Flowers, Book and The Moon, Who Could Not Be Perfectly Happy?' - how true is that?!. Oscar Wilde was a man of wisdom. The print itself is by Infinite and Darling on Etsy and I'm genuinely so in love with it.. it was a lovely Christmas present to receive.


  1. The pretty artwork and quotes on those prints and cards are very uplifting and adorable! Each one of them makes me smile. The roses, plates and jewellery are pretty as well. :D