Blogger Classics | 3 Lush Reviews

~ Blogger Classics | 3 Lush Reviews ~

Ahh Lush, the ultimate blogger shop full of blissful smells and delights. Even if you don't like the occasional bath, you've probably been into a Lush shop and smelt all bath melts or been chatted to by one of the colleagues about some wonder scrub for your legs and arms. Even like me, you have probably watched endless short videos on Instagram of people slowly dropping a bath bomb into water and aaaall the colours bubbling away... that shit is satisfying. Anyway, in the true spirit of blogging, I've put together a post that I've been working on for a good 3 weeks now - trying out various bath bombs/ melts in order to tell you actually what I think of them.

Now this bubble bar is probably one of Lush's most popular. Its designed so, once crumbled up under running water, beautiful bubbles are formed - smelling absolutely delightful. The smell honestly reminds be of Ribena, so if you're not a fan of blackcurrant, this isn't the one for you. Personally though, this is always a product I go to pick up when I'm in Lush. 1 bar lasts me 4 baths because I find that a quarter of the bar makes just enough bubbles - I've crumbled half a bar into the bath before today and I've nearly suffocated in the mountain of bubbles that was formed!
Overall, at £4.95 I find it is very good value for money, like I said, getting 4 baths out of 1 products is pretty reasonable, with the smell being absolutely amazing - plus who cannot love a getting into a pink bath?!
~ Pink Flamingo ~

Pink flamingo is a products I've seen scattered all over Instagram for ages - Isn't it just thee most photogenic product?! Besides it being in thee most cute shape, one of the things I loved about this was the smell, its quite a sweet smell, almost reminding me of bubble-gum - you know that smell that you just want to keep sniffing. Adding in the fact its bright pink colour made the bath light up, you can clearly see from the photo, a few seconds into running it under the tap, the bath is glowing! - On the whole, I very much found this to be a great buy. The fact the bubble bar is conveniently on a stick, made it so much better to run under the tap - no messy crumbling like other products (not that I don't enjoy doing that though!) Adding to this, the smell and the look of the product being absolutely genius, I'd say this is very much a great hit for Lush. I'm sure its part of their permanent collection, so if you're near a Lush, I'd definitely recommend you have a smell of this and pick it up; how can a bubble bar shaped like a Flamingo not tempted you?!

Unicorn Horn

Now, out of the three products in this post I find this one to be the most disappointing. I'll admit it does make lots of bubbles - the one 'horn' being the right amount for one bath. But, I found it a little lacklustre in terms of colours and how it made the water feel. It is supposed to be enriched with essential oils, but I feel a little more could have been put into the bar. Don't get me wrong, the smell is lovely and the actually look of it looks as a Unicorn's horn should be! But, despite this I don't think I'd rush to buy it again when it was in stores next. This being said, not like 1 products out of everything doesn't at all dampen my love for Lush - no brand can get it perfect every time, besides as Lush all hand make their products, perhaps I just got one from a dodgy batch haha!



  1. I loved this post, such a great idea. I'm a massive lush fan but I agree, Unicorn Horn is cute and all but it doesn't really do much for me! I'm all about the butterball and bath melts from Lush as I love something that is better for the skin! I love the comforter as you're so right it's great value for money! I can't believe I haven't tried the flamingo one yet!! xx

    1. Ah thank you, this blog idea was the perfect excuse to have multiple baths a week 'I'm having this relaxing bath because of my blog!' HAHA - The Comforter is definitely of my favs, smells so good, I'd say you really should have a smell of the flamingo, so great! Thank you for commenting! xxx

  2. Hey, this was really good.. You are very talented and your style of writing is really enticing. Don’t give up!! Maybe you could head over to my blog and see what you think?

    1. Aw thank you! I shall have a look at your blog now :)