Out With The Old Face Cream.. In With The New.

~ Charlotte Tilbury Vs Neals Yard ~

Ding ding ding, its the battle of the face creams. In the blue corner is Neal Yard. The distractive blue pot, a brain child started in the 80's, its organic, its cruelty-free, but will it do the trick? In the red corner is Charlotte Tilbury. The dream for all. With its pretty packaging, genius blends and kickass names; will this all rounder really prove its full of magic or will it fall by the waist side... Its Covent Garden Vs London itself. Its the battle of the century, ding ding its ROUND ONE..
For todays post I thought I'd do a little review and comparison between my newly finished Magic Cream and my recently purchased Rose & Mallow cream. I find face cream to be one of the most important elements to every routine, its the layer that can fix, replenish and give your skin that much needed longevity. Whether you are 15 or 50, I think it is so important to moisturise your face. Of course, finding the perfect cream can be tricky. With so much in the market, it can be daunting but if like me, you have normal to oily skin, these two products may just be ones to keep an eye out for. So, without further ado, I'll give some pointer and highlights I've found from using up the Magic Cream and recently starting the Rose & Mallow cream. Leeeet's go folks!

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream Vs Neal's Yard Rose & Mallow
The Outside
The key to any skincare brand taking even a penny of my hard earned cash is the packaging. If it 'aint pretty I aint happy. No but seriously, there is nothing better than elegant packaging sitting pretty on your bedroom cabinet. With Charlotte Tilbury, would you expect anything other than perfection? With the reflective rose gold lid, clear diamond-cut like pot and the writing ever so slightly at the sides; the perfect brand has created the perfect pot! On the other hand you have Neal's Yard. The royal blue pot gives it a striking and very distinguishable look, with lots and lots of writing flooding the label. Out of the two, The winner of Round 1 would have to be CT - besides, you really cannot find a more beautiful looking pot ~ serious heart eye right there.
The most obvious difference I have found in the consistency would be how much more rich in oils the Neal's Yard moisturiser is compared to the CT. Neal's Yard pride themselves in using the best natural ingredients and in the texture alone, you can feel its high quality. I wouldn't say it is runny in any way, but compared to the Magic Cream, it feels a little thinner. CT's moisturiser on the other hand is a more buttery, a lot thicker. This doesn't affect the way it works into the skin but out of the two, I've enjoyed the consistency of the Neal's Yard product, I love the feel of how the oils are on the skin!
The biggest difference between these two products is the price. On the one side, the Charlotte Tilbury cream comes in at £70, which is a very steep price to pay. If you are very into your skin care then be my guest, but with the Neal's Yard cream only coming in at £22 in comparison. I think the winner of this round is the latter - My minor spending ban would not allow me to folk out £70 at the moment!
Any Noticeable Differences?
Overall, I have found the two have the same affects to my skin. As I have used the CT cream the longest, I have to say it really helped balance my skin out. As my forehead gets dry quickly easily, it helped to lessen this, if I every skipped my routine it would start to see it go ever so slightly dry. On the same lines, the Neal's Yard product really just gives my skin that protective layer, it hasn't made my skin any oiler (or drier) it general is just a very well thought out product. The final round of the battle of the moisturisers? - A DRAW!

 And there we have it, my little ol' opinion on these two products. I hope this was helpful in any way. I have to say, I'm really pleased with how this blog post turned out, Its not often I get REALLY excited about how photos turned out, so I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it - Hope you all have lovely weekend!

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