That Day-Old-Hair Problem

~ That Day Old Hair Problem ~
I say that 'day' old hair problem, but what I really mean is 'that *insert number of days before hair becomes greasy* problem'. If you're a person who's hair can last perfectly fine looking for more than a day or two I salute you, because this gal certainly can't!.. For me, I wash my hair every other day, I would wash it every day but truthfully it would go so so dry and flat so, 4 ish times a week it usually is for me. Today I wanted to chat about my ways of keeping my hair look ok (ish) when its a day old, so the days when I am fully planning on washing it that evening.. but I have a whole day at work/ out to look presentable for first. Ahhh yet another joy of being a girl, eh?! ...

As I begin writing this, I've suddenly had a massive gush of passion to write, day old hair is the bane of my life. It's something I have literally mastered to a T now, I can have thee greasiest of hair do's a day after I've washed it, but a quick once over with one or two of the items picture and I'm good as new.. well I look way more presentable, anyway!
The obvious item for the transformation (haha) is Dry Shampoo; the best invention since the internet. I currently am using the COLAB 'Paradise' one which I find to be a dream. It's clear, so absolutely no white crap on my roots and it smells fruity.. bliss. I usually sprits this all along the top of my roots, around the roots by my ears (I'm generally a girl who tucks her hair behind her ears approx. 200 times a day!) and underneath my hair. Once sprayed, I simply comb through with my brush, or comb sometimes if I've sprayed too much and it looks wonders in making my hair look fresh.
 Alternatively, If I've ran out of  dry shampoo I use a little bit of a throwback product. My mum once informed me that when she was a teen, dry shampoo was simply not invent, so talcum powder/ baby power was used to fight the grease. So, when I've ran out of the old dry shampoo, I tend to use baby power the night before. Honestly, I sometimes put a shit load in my hair and ok, I may have turned my hair white, but as I've put it in before going to sleep. Overnight I find it works its way into my roots and it suddenly looks ok for at least most of the day!
Finally, and adding to dry shampoo/ talcum powder, I use a product that has legit taken me 2 years to love... seriously two.whole.years. I bought the ORIBE texturizing spray in 2014, I know this because I blogged about it as soon as I was home from Space NK (I'll find the blog post for ya: click here!) At the time, I'm sure I did a post about how I hated it, how it made my hair feel horrible and it was a complete waste of money. Well, I don't know whether my hair has changed textures or whatever in three years, but I absolutely LOVE it lately! I general spray it to the ends of my hair and it gives it a textured feel and takes away the flat, crap feeling it usually has if it needs a wash. I have to say, despite it giving my hair that lift, I will say one down side. Once I've sprayed a fair amount around my hair, jesus the mist seriously lingers like hell in the air for a good 5 minutes! It can be quite suffocating, I'm not sure it being because its quite a thick spray but I would warn you to be beware of that if you do happen to buy it!
So, there we go. My three magic bottles that can turn my limp, greasy mop into, well... a less greasy and little more neat mop! Like I said early, oh it can be a struggle being a girl sometimes, agreed ladies?!


  1. I haven't tried the colab dry shampoo, I definitely want to give it a go as I've heard so many great things about it! I personally love the Garnier one. Great post, I have this problem a lot (don't we all).

    Maddie x |

    1. I've only just got around to picking up a bottle of Colab a few weeks ago - it really is great! Thank you x

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