The Permanent Return of the Light Wash

~ The Permanent Return of the Light Wash ~

Is there anything more spring-like then an injection of whitewash/ light wash denim.. well for me there certainly isn't. There used to be a time were I never quite felt I could pull off light jeans. I always seemed to feel uncomfortable in them and ~never~ had the right shoes to match. Well, rewind a little while (well a few seasons) and now I majestically never seem to even think to turn to black skinnies much anymore.. that's a turn up for the books! So, over last weekend, as the sun shone bright in the sky, out came the trusty whitewash and I wore the least amount of clothes I've worn all year - I didn't even need a big coat YAS.

In Mondays post I told you all about my day out for Mothers Day, basking in the sunshine and having some good ol' family time. Well what I didn't mention was what I wore. As it was quite a casual day, it wasn't necessary to dress up to the nines, flats and jeans were fancy enough. What made me extremely excited was the fact my sunglasses made an appearance for the first time this year - my Prada wooden framed beauties were an airport purchase about 2 years ago now and I'm still SO in love with them. I've probably said before on this blog, but I have quite a big head so I really can't be the girl who impulse buys sunglasses online.. I have to go through the shit of trying them on and actually seeing if they are big enough HAHA. Jesus, what a first world problem to have, eh?
Anyway, alongside my uh-mazing sunglasses I put together a combo of tops I have wholeheartedly feel in love it.. I'm not sure how much you can see of my tops in the photos, but what I did was I wore a cream bralette underneath and put my Zara stripped shirt on top, unbuttoned down to the near bottom. Then tying it up in a not at the waist. I thought it looked really nice and summery, besides had I worn this combo of tops a month ago I'd have probably frozen to death, yay to British weather *upside down smile face emoji*
 Finishing of this ~look~ I put my leopard print brogues on and my casual look was completed, a simple light pattern jacket was put on before I left because I'd planned to stay out the house until later on in that evening.. so my mum told me to take a jacket 'because it will be cold later'.. it was and I was grateful I listened to her for once HAHA, mum's are always right after all aren't they?!



  1. Just ever so slightly obsessed with those shoes! x

    1. They're fab aren't they - they're extremely comfortable too which makes them even better!

  2. Your round sunnies look stylish and very practical as well. I love the look of the unbuttoned and knotted striped Zara top layered over the pretty cream bralette paired with the light denim jeans - you styled a lovely outfit.

  3. I've always loved light wash jeans, and yes, you're so right in that they are perfect for spring. They also look so much more casual and chilled out than black jeans!
    Kathy x