Things To Get Ticked Off The List.

 ~ Things To Get Ticked Off The List ~
Now there are some things I need to do. Nothing really that important, nothing life-changing, just bits and bobs I need to get ticked off my list that will make my life significantly more organised. Of course in the true spirit of blogging I'm going to tell you all ALL ABOUT THEM. Why not make a list and chat to you about these things, it'll help me mentally unload and you can read something to procrastinate further haha! I'll tell ya now though folks, these probably aren't all that enlightening but oh well.. here are a few things I needing ticking off in the coming weeks... then I can stop complaining to myself I'm being unorganised, this gurl is sorting herself OUT.

TO PLAN: The top of my list is to plan my up-and-coming trip to Edinburgh. I'm heading up there in a few weeks time for a couple of days, as a little break/ getaway with my friend. Whilst there we plan to shop/ sight see and drink aaaall the cocktails. Ideally, I would like a little list of places that I want to visit, because there is nothing worse then heading to a big city and being overwhelmed with where to go. SO, the first thing on my list to get ticked off is to plan my trip - of course we don't want anything too structured, I just need a few pointer for when we are there!

TO BUY: Now, I've mentioned this before. but I'm crap at buying basic clothes. Anything that's plain, anything pattern-less or practical.. I'm just hopeless at picking these up. So, I plan to ~try~ and change this. First on my list is to buy these black flat lace up ballerina flats. I've loved & Other Stories for ages but never really buy from there, but these are just dreamy. With me moving to university soon, I'm making a conscious effort to start buying things that I need or rather things that I'll get lots of wear out of (I'm panicking a little about lack of money once I am a student tbh!) - So, with black ballerina flats, they will go with everything and I'll get my moneys work.. I most definitely need to add a pair like those to my shoe rack.

TO DO: Finally, something I need to tick off the list and continue doing, cleansing more. I tend to go through fazes were I rigidly stick to a routine some weeks but then the other I barley take my mascara off with a baby wipe. Since the beginning of the year, I don't feel like I've properly stuck to a routine or cleansed much. With my skin, it seems I have 4 different skin types all on one face: my forehead is dry, my cheeks are normal, my chin is spot prone and my nose is a weird mix of dry but incredibly oily (??). So, I really feel it'd make my life a whole lot better if a tried cleansing properly three-ish times a week to balance everything out - so this is my plea to myself: CLEANSE MORE LISA.


  1. The ballerinas look cute!:)
    Have a good Thursday!
    xx finja |

  2. Yes to the cleansing. I need to do this, I am terrible! I even forget to take it off with miceller water most days. No wonder my skin is bad!
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I get so lazy sometimes, Often I'll be ready for bed, about to get in then realise I have a face full of makeup still on haha literally use a wet wipe - NOT GOOD!