Time For Another Spa Day?

 ~ Another Spa Day for Lisa ~

Aaaaaand relax. It seems, as I'm sat here now, brain frazzled from a day at work, Monday's Spa day is a distant memory. It's not often we experience full blown relaxation is it. Where you have absolutely zero worries, no stresses or things to do.. just lie back, breath in the aromatherapy oils and just take in the atmosphere. It all sounds very dramatic, but seriously spa days are the best, aren't they? So, let me reminisce about my splendid start to the week in one beauty of a spa.. aaaand breath (again).

As it is my mums birthday on Saturday, I thought I'd be a fab daughter and treat her to an early birthday present. As I live in North Wales, it can sometimes be a struggle to kind nice places for a real treat. But luckily, I'd been recommended Kinspa at The Kinmel in Abergele (North Wales) by an old work colleague last year. So quickly did I do my research and book us up for a day of pampering. Our Spa Package included 2 treatments, food at the spa's Thai restaurant and use of the pool/ sauna/ steam room; all lived up to expectations.
Me and my mum often joke now, that we have been on so many spa days together, we can often compare different parts of our day to the other. I have to say, Monday's pamper day was definitely one of the best. It was quiet, serene and had thee best pool area. Unlike any we have seen before, the pool was very dimly lit, with dark glass and slate walls, purple mood lighting and a second large whirlpool (which had large sliding door that gave a beautiful view of the gardens!)
During the day we had the dreamiest of Facials and Neck/ Shoulder Massages, and some Pad Thai for lunch that has my mouth watering now, thinking of it.
Often, me and my mum have had little snags about spa days we've been on. For example, the steam room smelling a little damp or there being no loungers/ chairs by the pool (oh god, extremely first world problems, SORRY!) .. But, our Spa Day on Monday had absolutely no faults. I can certainly say, I have had worst Mondays!

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