You're Such a Wannabe.

~ You're Such a Wannabe ~

Now I don't know about you, but whenever I put together an outfit that consists of mostly black, a blazer and humongous sunglasses, my first thought is Victoria Beckham.. or rather a very wannabe style VB. LOL. Probably look nothing like her but that's what I think.. may or may not be thee biggest Spice Girls fan - why else would I have named a blog post with the lyrics one of their songs (or rather, a line from the song, isn't it ginger who shouts you're such a wannabe?!) Anyway, whether I'm dressed like Queen V herself or just plain old Lisa, here's an outfit I've worn recently!

Style Picks & Additions: SPRING

~ Style Picks & Additions: SPRING ~
It has only just dawned on me that I've done a hell of a lot of shopping lately. I wouldn't say my bank balance is unhealthy, its just not very well at the moment.. basically I need to chill out a bit when it comes to handing my bank card over in shops. But casting aside the poorly bank balance, I have a whole load of clothes to show you; my 'Style Additions' as I've so casual called it in this post. Here's a few bits I've picked up from Spring 2017 as well as an old favourite that's making its official comeback.

Transitioning PROPERLY Into Spring/ Summer.

~ Transitioning PROPERLY Into Spring/ Summer ~

I don't know if you have noticed, but the sun has began to shine more frequently lately.. can we ~officially~ call it Spring? It may be Spring on paper but you could be mistaken for it being mid- November at times. BUT, it as been a little warmer and a little bright as of late, therefore my wardrobe needs to transition.. properly. I'm talking taking out all the thick knits, pushing the darks to the side and welcoming in the bright yellows. My wardrobe, this weekend had a completely overhaul and boy am I feelin' good right!

How I Went About Tackling My Acne.

~ How I Went About Tackling My Acne ~
If we were all fortunate to be blessed with skin as smooth and clear as the Kardashians, I wouldn't be writing this post. But, that's not how life is, is it?! Ever have those days were life get's to you and the only thought you have is 'If I were a Kardashian, I won't have to deal with this!' - Well I do. One of those 'things' we all unfortunately have to deal with at some stage is acne. That bloody acne. It may spring up during 'that' time of the month, it may be a continuous thing. It may have come and gone, or it may not have even started yet. Whatever box you tick, its never nice. 

My Everyday Makeup + Cruelty Free Update

~ My Everyday Makeup + Cruelty Free Update ~
Well, well. Its been a while since I've done a proper, all out makeup post - makeup just doesn't seem to float my boat much anymore. Of course, I do still wear it, but buy it? I'd rather buy a new pair of shoes. But, what I have been sticking too when a makeup purchase is made, is that it is cruelty free. Back in Feb 2016, I did this blog post and every since, when a makeup post has been done or if I've spoken about makeup in general, I've probably mentioned I've stop buying from brands that test on animals. As you can see in this post, my make up bag isn't completely cruelty free yet - I'm still using up some products (because this gal aint made of money to buy everything again) but if I have needed to make a purchase, its been a cruelty free one. So, in todays post I just wanted to have a general chat, what's new in my bag, what I like to use for everyday and what's on the list for when my bank balance is a little bit healthier.. enjoy!

Favourite Posts of the Last Three Months

~ Favourite Posts of the Last Three Months ~
Who doesn't like a round up. I thought I'd have a retrospective look back at the first quarter of 2017 through my blog posts. Of course, this isn't a true representation of my life, if fact my life is way more boring and non-existent; just imagine a groundhog-day routine of waking up a 7.30am, working, coming home, wasting time on the internet and going to bed.. WOW. If I were to blog about that I doubt not very many people would be interested, so I'll look back at the photos I've taken, the questions I've asked and answered as well as some outfit's I've put together.. because my life at the weekend does get exciting sometimes...!

Three Dresses & A Whole Lotta Sunshine

 ~ Three Dresses & A Whole Lotta Sunshine ~
 I'll admit, I can be very British when it comes to the weather. Forever am I commenting if its sunny, if its cloudy and boy do I say a lot when its raining. Over the weekend, Britain was blessed with the beauty of sunshine, and did we go made as a nation? of course we bloody did! Sunday morning, I woke up to the sun shining, so on went my brand new floral dress and I basked in the warmth.. ok I'll admit, as I live in N. Wales, it quickly went cloudy and it was back to square one.. but that's not the point, there is hope there, spring is starting! So, as the weather is starting to pick up, its officially dress season. I've kindly been sent some beautiful dresses from Boohoo as a part of their Mini Midi Maxi campaign, so as the weather picks up, I'll show you how I have styled and plan on styling some uh-mazing material.. keep reading to see vanity at its highest! hahaha.

Snippets of.. Edinburgh

~ The Last Couple of Days in.. Edinburgh ~

A those holiday blues. Those holiday blues have very much kicked in as I write this. Last Thursday, me and one of my oldest friends took a girly trip to Edinburgh for a few days (If you follow any of socials, soz for the spam oxo) It was genuinely such a lovely trip away, one we will both remember for a long time. Personally, I'd never been to Scotland ever, so when looking for places to go for our planned trip it was very much top - my mum had visited a few years back and told us it was worth the visit.. she wasn't wrong! So, without further ado, let me briefly talk you through some beautiful places we ticked off over the two and a bit days we were in the Scottish capital.

A Gratitude List: March 2017

 ~ A Little Gratitude for March ~

Every now and again, I think its important to be grateful. Realise all the great things in life, because how easy is it to focus on the negatives? For todays post I thought I'd look back at the month prior and list a few great things that have happened in the 31 days of the month. I have done of these kinds of posts before, end of last year to be exact, were I listed a few happenings from October 2016. Now, let me tell you about March 2017 - it wasn't the best, work-wise, but overall I have a hell of a lot to be grateful for.

A Different Combination

~ A Different Combination ~

Before I start, I really have to apologies if I look ever so slightly awkward in these photos (not that I'm ever relaxed when taking photos of myself lol) but all the same, I'm sorry. As you can see, I ventured outside to take these photos, all the way to my back garden. Now, if you can see, behind me are some gates which lead to our driveway and to the left of the gates is a wooden fence. Well, behind the wooden fence is our next door neighbours garden.. Moral of the story is, as I was taken photos I was getting more and more paranoid they were going to suddenly walk into there back garden and see me prancing about in front a camera that's on a 10 second timer HAHA. Worst still that one of my family suddenly walks up the driveway wanting a chat.. now how the hell would I explain what I'm doing, huh?! ANYWAY, neither happened but I stayed paranoid, what's new... Right, let's talk about my outfit shall we?! ...