A Different Combination

~ A Different Combination ~

Before I start, I really have to apologies if I look ever so slightly awkward in these photos (not that I'm ever relaxed when taking photos of myself lol) but all the same, I'm sorry. As you can see, I ventured outside to take these photos, all the way to my back garden. Now, if you can see, behind me are some gates which lead to our driveway and to the left of the gates is a wooden fence. Well, behind the wooden fence is our next door neighbours garden.. Moral of the story is, as I was taken photos I was getting more and more paranoid they were going to suddenly walk into there back garden and see me prancing about in front a camera that's on a 10 second timer HAHA. Worst still that one of my family suddenly walks up the driveway wanting a chat.. now how the hell would I explain what I'm doing, huh?! ANYWAY, neither happened but I stayed paranoid, what's new... Right, let's talk about my outfit shall we?! ...

[Jumpers: Marks & Spencer | Skirt: Oliver Bonas (similar) | Trainers: Marks & Spencer]
Now, yesterday as you have probably gathered was a very lovely day weather-wise. So, being the ever warm blooded person I am, I thought it was a great time for the bare legs - it is like officially Spring now after all! I will admit, this style as a whole was pushing it for me, I seriously questioned, after putting everything together, whether I, Lisa Gibson, was cool enough to pull of the trainers-skirt combo. Especially a silver skirt and trainers. I must have looked at this outfit in the mirror for a solid 20 minutes before thinking, yeeeeah why not. After all, the trainers actually went extremely well with the jumper and I wasn't cold once.. for once in my life I hit the nail completely on the head with my outfit choices (It had to happen eventually, didn't it?!)
So, I braved the bare legs with an outfit I feel like I kinda kinda pulled off.. well throughout the whole day yesterday I didn't at any time feel self-conscious, am I finally stopping giving a shit and growing up? maybe. Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon out with my mum; we test drove some new cars, had some food and went to watch Beauty and the Beast (which I actually found quite dull - pls don't hate me oxox) ~ Altogether it was a rather lovely Sunday!


  1. This outfit is so gorgeous, you look lovely!

    Alice • www.alicemaysnell.co.uk

  2. What a gorgeous outfit, you really pull these colours off! x


  3. This is such a pretty outfit! I really love the silver and blush tones!



    1. Thank you so much, there are definitely my favourite colours to turn to at the moment!