A Gratitude List: March 2017

 ~ A Little Gratitude for March ~

Every now and again, I think its important to be grateful. Realise all the great things in life, because how easy is it to focus on the negatives? For todays post I thought I'd look back at the month prior and list a few great things that have happened in the 31 days of the month. I have done of these kinds of posts before, end of last year to be exact, were I listed a few happenings from October 2016. Now, let me tell you about March 2017 - it wasn't the best, work-wise, but overall I have a hell of a lot to be grateful for.
Friends & Family
I truly do have the best mum I could ask for, as I've been having quite a hard time lately, she has been so so supportive. I may be an awkward little arse sometimes, admittedly, but really I love her beyond life itself. On the same note, I'm so grateful for the friends I have. I've had some lovely days with my best friend in March, including drinking cocktails in the sunshine, one afternoon a few Saturdays ago - oh, I really do love her to bits!
The last time I did one of these gratitude lists, I mentioned I had applied for university. Well in March I managed to officially confirm my place in my first choice uni, sort out all the student finance and apply for accommodation. Its all very satisfying to know its all sorted - well I still need to be offered a room in halls, but that will be sorted in due course. For now, its a huge wait off my shoulders and I'm REALLY looking forward to a fresh start, doing a course I LOVE.
Growing Up
Of course, I haven't miraculously grown up and learnt every lesson in life throughout March, but with regards to growing up and more so growing out of something - I am so grateful I have officially grown out of acne ~for now~. Hopefully I haven't put a witches curse on this by typing this all out, but my skin has NEVER been this clear. When I was around 16/17 years old I was covered in spots. My forehead was covered,  my chin was covered and I was so low in confidence. Now, I can finally breath a huge sigh of relief, my chin still gets the odd spot, but overall - for now my acne is rid of.
Out & About
In March I had some lovely days out/ trips here and there, which included a Spa Day with my Mum for her birthday on the 13th. A theatre trip watching the Full Monty (which was brill!) on the 27th and generally as the weather has perked up, I've had some lovely trips out with my best friend!
Now, I don't know about you but I'm frickin' LOVING Riverdale on Netflix at the moment. It was one of those shows I saw pop up on a news article that said it was the new Gossip Girl, now being absolutely in love with GG and looking for something new to watch, I thought I'd give it ago. Boy was that the best decision I've made! It all surrounds an American town named Riverdale, on the 4th of July a high school boy named Jason Blossom was shot in the woods. It now surrounds the pupils of Riverdale High (as well as the parents), trying to figure out who the mysterious killer is. Its kind of dark at times, but generally its very much a teen drama. Easy viewing and so thrilling. Seriously, if you're looking for a new series to watch, WATCH RIVERDALE!
*I have to point out that the lovely March calendar in the photo is a free printable calendar I found on Pinterest from Ami Style Digital Art !*


  1. I remember when I was waiting to get an acceptance from university and at the time it was something that stressed me out so much but once I got the letter, I was so relieved!
    Kathy x

    1. It stressed me out to the max - so so relived its sorted out now! x