Favourite Posts of the Last Three Months

~ Favourite Posts of the Last Three Months ~
Who doesn't like a round up. I thought I'd have a retrospective look back at the first quarter of 2017 through my blog posts. Of course, this isn't a true representation of my life, if fact my life is way more boring and non-existent; just imagine a groundhog-day routine of waking up a 7.30am, working, coming home, wasting time on the internet and going to bed.. WOW. If I were to blog about that I doubt not very many people would be interested, so I'll look back at the photos I've taken, the questions I've asked and answered as well as some outfit's I've put together.. because my life at the weekend does get exciting sometimes...!

This year, I told myself I'd only put out blog posts I was happy with. If I wasn't then, I'd willingly skip a day and not stress. It does occur from time to time I run out of time at a weekend (my only chance to create posts) so, I told myself to not stress - blogging should be fun, not a chore!
Off the back of this, I feel these past few months have been my most favourite. I've really tried with what I'm putting out there and in return, my views haven't been too shabby either (which is always a welcome surprise) I started the year with a post called 'Let's Kick Start The Year With A (Healthy) Drink' - I tried really hard with this post, a combination of having the Christmas break off and having a fresh kick of motivation from New Years; I loved how the photos came out!
 Following this, I've had a lovely day out in Chester, were I visited a restaurant called The Botanist. It was genuinely one of the most Instagrammable places I've been, which you can guess means = pictures galore.
Another favourite of the past quarter is a post called 'Making *That* Time of The Month a Little Better' I'm not sure why, but I just love everything about this post. The background/ items in the photos all came together to look really colourful, plus I was kindly gifted the room spray by Help Me Organics, which I'll be honest, I haven't stopped spraying in my room for the past 2 months... It's so good! Above, is a post I did called 'Will We Remember Our Digital Memories?' were I discussed the question, whether nowadays, the photos we post on Instagram etc, will these be remembered? or will they simply float down our timelines and be forgotten. Off the back of this, I've pledged to myself, I'm going to print more photos - so far? my scrapbook has actually filled up quite a bit, let's hope I continue!
Finally, is the post below from only a few weeks ago - a post called 'A Different Combination'. I always feel vain when I say I love a specific outfit post, but I just love the end product. I loved my outfit and the fact it was taken in a more interesting background compared to boring white, like usually - it did make me smile. Never did I know my back garden would make for a great outfit post background!
Anyway, there are a few highlights from the last few months - hope you enjoyed my little look back!

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