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How I Went About Tackling My Acne.

~ How I Went About Tackling My Acne ~
If we were all fortunate to be blessed with skin as smooth and clear as the Kardashians, I wouldn't be writing this post. But, that's not how life is, is it?! Ever have those days were life get's to you and the only thought you have is 'If I were a Kardashian, I won't have to deal with this!' - Well I do. One of those 'things' we all unfortunately have to deal with at some stage is acne. That bloody acne. It may spring up during 'that' time of the month, it may be a continuous thing. It may have come and gone, or it may not have even started yet. Whatever box you tick, its never nice. 
The box I am in at the moment is the 'acne has come and gone'. I would say it started when I was 15 years old and was at its worst at 17 - I specifically remember I was 17 because it was through first year of Sixth Form, god I used to feel so self conscious at that time. I would have that extremely red and blotchy/ under the skin acne that was horrible to look at and even worse to deal with. During that time I must have been to the doctors so so many times to be given every cream under the sun. I must have had about 5 different ones? one that you dabbed on at night, one that dried the skin out until it hurt, one that did absolutely nothing and so on..

Of course, this post has nothing to do with explaining the cure for it. How I 'overcame my acne' or how it has just 'disappeared' and never come back. Naaaah. I wanted to just give a few pointers, because I myself feel I've been through hell and back myself in dealing with it. To be honest, I would show photos of how bad it was, but quite frankly the photos I do have from that time aren't too pleasing to see.. I wouldn't want to trouble you HA! But, what I can show you (or rather tell you) is some ideas if your skin isn't playing ball. My skin may now be the best its been for years, but it
was a WHOLE different story a few years ago.

See the GP. Now I know I just said that I went to see the doctor and all the spot creams had no effect for me, but for you it may be different. Eventually, I was advised maybe the contraceptive pill may work. Besides, its all hormone related, so for me I'd probably put my acne taming down to this. I slowly could see a difference, my back acne went and fast forward to 20 years old, I only get the odd spot... After all, GP's went through thousands of years of university so they should know some kind of relief for your suffering is out there!

Water. V cliché but very real. I make myself drink 1 litre of water everyday, I don't particularly enjoy it but I feel so much better for it. Of course, I don't know the science behind it all, but its worth a go.. water tends to cleanse your cells and obviously re-hydrate, oil production isn't affected by consumption of water, but that little bit more hydration will hopefully improve even a tiny area.

Choose Your Products Wisely. If your skin is irritated, inflamed etc. you must be careful what you put on your skin. I have first hand knowledge that certain products, even if prescribed to you can lead to intensely dry skin and PAIN. I was prescribed a spot cream (by my GP) a few years back that was mainly alcohol based (if I'm correct), it smelt so strong. After a little bit of use, my skin was peeling, still heavily spot prone and red. There was nothing I could do because putting foundation over it just made it worse. If you buy a product in a shop and instantly you can tell its doing more bad then good, that's probably because it is. Choose wisely, speak to the right people.. the last thing you want is lasting damage!



  1. I've always struggled with acne too and there are times when I feel like spot creams work but then they don't, it's such a hard thing to get a grasp on
    Kathy x

    1. It is hard isn't it, all those spot creams I used and they did nothing really! x

  2. I had acne a few years ago too and it was honestly one of the worst times ever, it completely consumes you so I can totally understand everything you are saying in this post! I have a lovely blog here by the way pretty gal x


    1. Its a horrible feeling isn't it, I would be so obsessed and it'd make me so upset x

  3. Completely agree about the water one, makes such a huge difference xx

    1. Definitely, its such a cliché bit of advice but its so so true! x