My Everyday Makeup + Cruelty Free Update

~ My Everyday Makeup + Cruelty Free Update ~
Well, well. Its been a while since I've done a proper, all out makeup post - makeup just doesn't seem to float my boat much anymore. Of course, I do still wear it, but buy it? I'd rather buy a new pair of shoes. But, what I have been sticking too when a makeup purchase is made, is that it is cruelty free. Back in Feb 2016, I did this blog post and every since, when a makeup post has been done or if I've spoken about makeup in general, I've probably mentioned I've stop buying from brands that test on animals. As you can see in this post, my make up bag isn't completely cruelty free yet - I'm still using up some products (because this gal aint made of money to buy everything again) but if I have needed to make a purchase, its been a cruelty free one. So, in todays post I just wanted to have a general chat, what's new in my bag, what I like to use for everyday and what's on the list for when my bank balance is a little bit healthier.. enjoy!

Before any make up hits my fair skin, I moisture because I'm toootally a girl with her life together, a few posts back I shared my love for the Neal's Yard face cream. Well that pot of joy mixed with a new love - the White Rabbit eye cream and I'm good to go!
For 'everyday' make up, I would be completely lying to you if I said I use the works e.g. foundation, mascara, to work - because I don't. I literally only wear lipstick, a bit of concealer if you're lucky. But, I thought a blog post titled 'My Every Weekend Makeup' didn't sound right.. on weekends though I do tend to always turn to the same sort of look.
Before foundation, I use the Hourglass Veil Primer, its a silky consistency and makes the foundation glide just that little bit better! For Foundation I just love the Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation. Its, I'd say, a medium/ full coverage but never does it feel cakey. For me it really glides along the skin and even when I have dry areas, it still sits pretty. I made sure to go into the shop itself (in Covent Garden) one time when I was there last year and the colour match was amazing - I believe there are 15 different shade?! If you're thinking about a purchasing you will not be disappointed.
For under the eyes (because I was blessed with dark circle, thanks mum oxo) I tend to use the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, its very very pigmented and I'm actually not sure if its supposed to used as a full on concealer - but it works for me. I use a tiny amount under my eyes and blend a lot, works a treat! I never tend to contour or anything like this, but to add a little bit of shimmer to my cheeks, the Rosie for Autograph Insta Glow Blush is a very nice product. It could be a lot more pigmented, but I'm never too fussed on highlight etc. so a little shimmer works for me.
For 'brows, I'm a simple girl; I use a dark brown eye shadow - a L'Oreal one if I'm right, with the Bobbi Brown eyebrow gel. These products I'm looking to replace with cruelty free options once I'm done with them as I believe these brand test on animals.  For my eyes, I usually go for the natural shades in either the original Naked palette or the Naked 3. I usually will create eyes looks that are browns or the shimmery pinks - fully depends on what kind of mood I'm in HA! I then use a little of the Ted Baker mascara, which I got in a gift sent for Christmas one year.. not a conventional product but it is actually really good (and cruelty free!) When I have time, I will add some eyeliner which is still the Tom Ford Eye Definer Pen. I am looking to replace this soon as, for some reason, its started to leak (?!) which is very messy. But, when it did work, it was very easy to apply and very black!
To finish off would be lipstick.. of COURSE. I use so many different ones that I couldn't picture them all, but some favourites are from Rosie for Autograph and some Rimmel Kate Moss' (which also aren't cruelty free, but am using them up!)
SO THERE WE GO, wow I've typed a lot there! Hope this was insightful in some way - I love to read these posts as I'm very nosey at times, hope you enjoyed reading ~ Happy Easter!

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